IPS Clerical Information

Telephone Directory

Extensive telephone directory, including room numbers, for the IMTFE personnel at the War Ministry Building. Includes the titles and departments for each person listed. Also included is an alphabetical list (not sorted by department) that includes every staff member, their full name, military rank, country affiliation, quarters telephone number, office room number, and office telephone number.
1946CE Jun 19th

Document Processing Chart

Detailed organizational chart for the document processing division of the IPS including the duties assigned to each individual. Persons involved include: Lt. Alexander (Chief), Miss Brunner, Mr. Wada, Miss Ikeda, Sgt. Overfelt, Lt. Ohberg, Miss Davies, Major Clarke, Comdr. Maxon, Capt. Yamamoto, Mr. Boyd, Lt. Kobayashi, Mr. Matsuda, Miss Koncz, Mr. Danly, Lt. Miwa, Cpl. Yamamoto.


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