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Keenan to Propose Test for Matsuoka News Article

Series of news wire pieces that report on Joseph B. Keenan's plan to establish a specific test for Yosuke Matsuoka in order to determine his health fitness to stand trial, the psychiatric examination of Dr. Shumei Okawa, and the order for arrests to be made of Lieutenant Generals Yuichiro Nagano and Fusataro Toshima with subsequent imprisonment in Sugamo.

Report Hirohito May Abdicate News Article

Reports that Hirohito may abdicate his position as Emperor of Japan in light of the possibility of being called as a witness for the IMTFE. According to the government, they feared that having Hirohito appear personally in court "would place him in an extremely awkward position in the eyes of the Japanese public.

Lack of Air Conditioning Forces International Tribunal to Adjourn News Article

Reports on the indefinite recess of the IMTFE as a result of the lack of an adequate cooling system for the courtroom. The intense heat conditions caused some members to fear adverse health side effects if they continued to meet during the hottest weeks of the summer.

Nippon Times - August 8, 1946

Nippon Times, No. 17,023 from Thursday, August 8, 1946. On front page are two articles relating to the tribunal: 1. "Pu Yi Expected in Tokyo to Testify at War Trials Under Russian Custody"and 2. "Japanese Forces Said Unprepared for China Affair; Prosecution Witness Testified Pacific War Plans Were Not in Existence in 1938." Other articles in the newspaper report on international affairs.
1946CE Aug 8th


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