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Tojo, 26 Other Top Japs, Deny War Crimes Charges News Article

Reports on the "not guilty" pleas offered by the 26 accused Japanese war criminals to the IMTFE although the pleas remain pending after Chief Defense Counsel Ishiro Kiyose presented a petition to the judges challenging the jurisdiction of the tribunal. Also reports on the attempt made by Sadao Araki to make a speech while entering his plea.

Prosecution Offers Additional Evidence on Manchuria Grab News Article

Reports on the prosecution's introduction of a series of documents into evidence that illustrate the aggressive measures undertaken by Japan and the Kwantung Army in Manchuria. Discusses the propaganda measures undertaken and the planning of Japan preemptively address charges related to violating non-aggression treaties (including the establishment of Manchoukuo). The evidence was proffered by assistant prosecutor John A. Darsey, with a brief interruption by defense counsel William Logan. Reports on detailed events of the day at the tribunal.

Charges Japs Slew Million China Captive News Article

Reports on the opening of the China phase before the IMTFE given by Col. Thomas H. Morrow. William Webb apparently "rebuked" Morrow for phrases in his opening statement that "contained inflammatory statements." Evidence introduced by the prosecution included an affidavit by a Chinese magistrate regarding the Marco Polo incident.

Tojo Secures Tokyo Lawyer For Defense News Article

Reports that "Dr. Ichiro Kiyose, along with Matasaku Shoibara, will defend former Premier Hideki Tojo at the international trial of Japanese war criminals scheduled for some time in April." Gives a brief biographical background of Kiyose as well as statements he made in the past indicating that he "opposed dicatatorship of militarists." Kiyose provided his reasoning behind defending Tojo by informing the public that "he had undertaken to defend the head of the Pearl Harbor cabinet in order to clarify his responsibility and to protect he human rights of the accused."
1946CE Mar 10th

'Buried Alive' May Have Been Soldier's Fate News Article

Reports on the trial of Lieut. Miyoroku Okada in Yokohama for his actions as commandant of the Nagoya prisoner of war camp. Includes information from the affidavits of 23 fellow prisoners who described the beating and subsequent burial of Aviation Ordnanceman Doyle W. Waggoner of Shreveport, Louisiana. Another news wire items report on the not guilty pleas offered by Nobuo Kanayama, Tsuyoshi Sadai and Kiyoichi Mori at the Eighth Army commission Yokohama trial, the charges against Tsutomu Shiba (former captain and medical officer in the Japanese army) in Tokyo, and the release of thirteen Japanese accused war criminals from Sugamo prison after they were acquitted of "charges of maltreating Allied war prisoners."

Tojo Trial Told Chinese Fear of Jap 'Lawrence' News Article

Reports on the testimony of John Goette, former China correspondent for International News Service, who asserted before the Tokyo war crimes trial court that "the minute the Chinese learned Doihara was around Peiping they knew Japan was going to add North China to Manchuria." Apparently, Col. Kenji Doihara was as called "Lawrence of Manchuria" and was most feared by the Chinese. Also reports on the return of Joseph B. Keenan and the introduction of a speech given by Premier Kuniaki Koiso on September 5, 1944.

Top Jap Trials Await Supreme Court Action News Article

Reports on the delay of trial for Tojo and other accused major war criminals as they await the United States Supreme Court's decision regarding the legality of Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita's trial. Delves into legal consequences that could arise from whatever decision the Supreme Court made as well as how the charter for the IMTFE was altered in light of the charter that established the trials in Manila.

Yamashita Trial Legal; Fate Up To MacArthur News Article

Reports on the United States Supreme Court decision that the trial of Lt. Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita was legal. Gives the details of the courts decision as well as the charges Yamashita was tried for in Manila. Other news wire pieces include: "Keenan Sees Baking in Court Action: Ruling on Yamashita 'Helpful,' Says Chief of Prosecution Staff" and "British Prosecution Staff Arrives in Tokyo."


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