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Tells Court Jap Cabinet Had No Rule Over Army News Article

Reports on the testimony of Reijiro Wakatsuki (Japanese Premier in 1931) who stated to the tribunal that "the Japanese army plunged ahead over the protests of the imperial government" when they invaded Manchuria. This testimony related to Sir William Webb's efforts "to determine whether Emperor Hirohito had any war responsibility."

Bus Brings 26 Noted Japs to Face War Trial News Article

Reports on the transport of the 26 Japanese accused war criminals from Sugamo prison to the International Military Tribunal for the Far East held at the war ministry building. Describes the security precautions taken, the dress of the defendants and 8th army military police, and the opening of the tribunal.

Reduce Charges Against Homma to Speed Trial News Article

Gives updates on the progress of Homma's trial in Manila, including the fact that "11 minor specifications to the 48 charges against" him were stricken which should speed up the trial. The trial will undergo a weeklong recess. Other news wire updates include: information on the testimony of Col. John R. Pugh and Maj. Achilles Tisdelle regarding the death march; the conviction of a Japanese guard by an Australian military court at Labuan; approval for a military commission to try Japanese accused of atrocities against B-29 fliers; and the opening of a trial in Singapore to try Japanese war criminals accused of starving and beating more than 500 Indians during a 34 day sea voyage from Singapore to Palau.
1946CE Jan 22nd

Nazi Envoy to Japs in '41 Held for MacArthur News Article

Reports on the detention of 110 suspected Japanese war criminals, including "Gen. Takeji Washi, former chief of staff of Japanese general headquarters." Also detained in China was Gen. Eugene Ott, "Nazi ambassador to Tokyo at the time of Pearl Harbor." Other news items report on the rush by Japanese business men to form a "league for safeguarding the emperor" and the progress of plans to purge ultra-nationalists from public office.


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