Press - Response to Trial

War Crime Witnesses Give Lawyers Bad Time News Article

Reports that Japanese witnesses, especially civilian ones, tend to lie on the stand or change their stories multiple times to investigators at the Yokohama trial. Capt. George A. Grier (prosecutor) and Capt. George A. Grier (defense section) relate their troubling experiences and express opinions as to the motives for the witnesses' actions.

Three Burmese, Jap Leave Sugamo for Trials in Burma News Article

Reports that Dr. Thein Maung (puppet Burmese ambassador to Japan), Maung Khin and Gyi Maung (both from the Burmese Embassy) have left Sugamo Prison in preparation for their transport to Burma where they are wanted by the British government. Lt. Col. Yoshitada Nagatomo will also be tried by the British.


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