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Eugene Williams Added to Keenan's Law Staff News Article

Reports on the addition of Eugene Williams (head of the United States Department of Justice, lands division) as a special prosecutor to the IMTFE. Another news wire piece reports that Japanese Lt. Gen. Takeshi Kono will be tried in Manila "on April 15 on charges that he condoned the beheading and burning of 17 United States citizens on Panay island."

General Fails to Place Blame for 'Incident' News Article

Reports on the testimony of Chinese General Chin Teh-chun, "former Peiping mayor and vice-commander of the Chinese 29th Army," including the fact that he was apparently unable to "substantiate his previous accusation that the defendant, Gen. Kenji Doihara, was instigator of the Mukden incident." Focuses on the cross-examination the defense attorney's gave to Teh-chun. An interesting excerpt includes "Former Premier Hideki Tojo enjoyed the morning session, smiling broadly on hearing the questions of Chinese distinity that were put to the Chinese witness." Also reports that Joseph B. Keenan returned to the IPS after his travel related to the war crimes trial.

Names Instigators of China 'Incident' News Article

Reports on the testimony by Chinese General Chin Teh-chun, vice minister of military operations, after a 12 day recess due to a lack of air conditioning in the IMTFE courtroom. Teh-chun's testimony focused on the Marco Polo Bridge incident (July 7, 1937) where, he stated, General Kenji Doihara was "the instigator of Japanese aggression in North China" as well as "the Mukden incident in Manchuria on September 18, 1931." He also named four other Japanese military officers (Sieji Katsuki, Seizo Kawabe, Renyam Mutaguchi, and Takashi Sakai) as instigators of the Marco Polo Bridge incident. The article also gives a synopsis of other events at the day's proceedings, including the fact that much of the morning session was occupied by straightening out language and translation issues.


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