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Nippon Times, March 21, 1946

(The 21st Year of Showa). No. 16,884. Nippon Times full edition for Thursday, March 21, 1946. Includes some highlights on the first column of the first page on an article title "Nippon Efforts to Negotiate War Cessation End in Failure, Konoye Memoir Discloses. Move for Peace Started in February 1945 - Hirota-Malik Talks Futile." Article concluded on page 3. Also includes news about China, the U. S. Stock Market, military movements, the execution of Hungarian Nazis, reforms to be enacted by the Japanese Education Minister, and general world news.
1946CE Mar 21st

Homma Dissent Irks Keenan News Article

Reports that Keenan is upset with Homma's defense counsel position that "a procession of judicial lynchings without due process of law may now follow" in the wake of the U. S. Supreme Courts decision to reject Homma's appeal of his death sentence from the Manila trial. Also reports that Tatsuo Tsuchiya was convicted in the Yokohama trial by the Eighth Army commission for atrocities committed against prisoners.


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