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Two Liberated Prisoners of War Describe Ordeal Under Jap Rule News Article

Two news articles. One "Two Liberated Prisoners of War Describe Ordeal Under Jap Rule: 41-Month Enslavement is Ended for Bureau County Sailor; Japs Brutally Attack B-29 Pilot After Plane is Shot Down" and second "Expect Allies to Indict Tojo Cabinet Today: Procedure in Tokyo to Be Simple."

Nippon Times, June 8, 1946

(The 21st Year of Showa) No. 16,959. Nippon Times for Wednesday, June 5, 1946. Contains articles on the war crimes trial, including one titled "Keenan Fires opening Broadside in Fight to Convict War Leaders. Delivers 15,000-Word Summary of Allied War Crimes Case; Tojo, Others Termed 'Felons.'" Also reports on the Yokohama trial, French elections, Russia - United States diplomatic relations, Anti-Franco movement, Stettinius Resignation, Manchuria and Chinese communist developments, other "small-fry war criminals," the United States stock market, and general world events.
1946CE Jun 5th

Army, Navy, Marines on Atrocity Tribunal News Article

Reports that for the first time, army, navy, and marine personnel are serving together on the Eighth Army War Crimes Commission. They include: Navy Capt. Beverly M. Coleman, Major William McLaughlin (marines), Lt. Col. Gleason L. Beachy (army), Major Harold E. Raffensperger (army), and Capt. Ray T. Hornby (army).

M'Arthur Rules Jap War Crimes Must Be Proved News Article

Reports on the decision by Gen. MacArthur's headquarters that "proof of individual guilt rather than group responsibility will be the requirement for conviction in the war crimes trials for top Japanese." Gives more details and a brief expected timeline leading up to the start of the IMTFE. Other topics mentioned include: the departure of the American reparations mission for Washington, DC in order to prepare their report for President Truman and the altered education of Japanese school children to include the reasons for Japan's defeat.


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