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Colonel, Death March of Bataan Survivor Returns to Tokyo to Testify at War Trials News Article

Reports on the testimony of Col Guy H. Stubbs, "survivor of 41 months as prisoner of war of Japan" who was a part of the Bataan death march in 1942. Gives details on the journey, atrocities committed, and a "court martial" that took place at Camp No. 1 at Cabanutaun where "six Americans who had slipped under a fence and returned with food from Filipinos were 'tried' for a half hour in which not one of the men was permitted to say a word" and then were executed.

On His Knees News Clipping

Photograph with caption: "On his knees near Shanghai, China, Jap Warrant Officer Mayama, who witnessed the execution of three Doolittle fliers after their spectacular raid on Tokyo, shows how the Yanks were bound to crosses and shot. Looking on are Col. John H. Hendren (left), Kansas City, Mo., and Capt. Robert N. Dwyer, New York, trial judge advocates in the impending war crime trials against seven Jap officers and men who are charged with executing the captive airmen. (International Soundphoto)"

Tojo Reported Admitting War Guilt in Cell News Article

Reports that former Japanese Premier Hideki Tojo has talked with Allied interrogators and admitted his guilt. He has not stated what his plea will be before the tribunal, however. The article outlines the upcoming dates for the trial, tentative structure, and composition of the tribunal.


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