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Trial Defense May Ask Hull, to Testify News Article

Reports that former Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Chinese Communist General Choux En-laic "may be asked to appear before the International Military Tribunal for the Far East as defense witnesses for ex-Premier Hideki Tojo and the 26 other class A war criminal suspects." Other rumors circulating at the tribunal suggest that Republican Senators Owen Browser and Homer Ferguson might be subpoenaed in relation to their work on the Pearl Harbor Investigating Committee.

25 Year Sentence Cut to 20 by Eichelberger News Article

Reports that for the first time, Lieut. Gen. Robert L. Eichelberger of the Eighth Army, reversed a ruling of "guilty" to "not guilty" for one count charged against Sgt. Shigeo Akamatsu. As a result, Akamatsu's sentence was reduced from 25 years to 20 years for his actions. Also reports on the other 26 suspected war criminals who were admitted to Sugamo prison between June 4 and June 10.

Pu Yi Expected in Tokyo to Testify at War Trials Under Russian Custody News Article

Reports that Pu Yi, Japanese puppet ruler of Manchuria for 11 years, will testify before the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. States that Pu Yi will remain in Russian custody at all times. Gives a brief background of Pu Yi's rule in Manchuria and states that his whereabouts have been unknown since Russia overran Manchuria in 1945.

Pu Yi Here to Testify at Trials News Article

Reports on the arrival of Henry Pu Yi, Japanese puppet ruler of Manchuria, at the Atsugi airport. He flew in from Russia (where was being held in custody) and was expected to testify sometime late in the following week before the tribunal. The article concluded that "Pu Yi's testimony is expected to throw a searching light on details of a history known only by broad outline."

Counsel Declares War Trial Illegal News Article

Reports on the arguments made by the defense counsel that "Japan surrendered conditionally, not like Germany" and in accordance with the Potsdam declaration. Ichiro Kiyose, the chief defense counsel who presented this argument, concluded that as a result of the terms under which Japan surrendered, the accused could not be brought to trial as war criminals in the same manner Nazi's were being prosecuted at Nuremberg. Also reports on the Joseph B. Keenan's rebuttal arguments. Shumei Okawa and Yosuke Matsuoka were not present due to medical conditions.

Defense Preparing for Trial Reopening News Article

Reports on the meeting of defense counsel at the Gaimusho Building "in preparation for the re-opening of the court on May 13." Dr. Fusaaki Uzawa was the presiding attorney as Chief of the Japanese Defense Counsel Group for the Far East Military Tribunal. Also discusses the replenishing of trial funds for the defense team.


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