Trial Progress

Counsel Declares War Trial Illegal News Article

Reports on the arguments made by the defense counsel that "Japan surrendered conditionally, not like Germany" and in accordance with the Potsdam declaration. Ichiro Kiyose, the chief defense counsel who presented this argument, concluded that as a result of the terms under which Japan surrendered, the accused could not be brought to trial as war criminals in the same manner Nazi's were being prosecuted at Nuremberg. Also reports on the Joseph B. Keenan's rebuttal arguments. Shumei Okawa and Yosuke Matsuoka were not present due to medical conditions.

Defense Preparing for Trial Reopening News Article

Reports on the meeting of defense counsel at the Gaimusho Building "in preparation for the re-opening of the court on May 13." Dr. Fusaaki Uzawa was the presiding attorney as Chief of the Japanese Defense Counsel Group for the Far East Military Tribunal. Also discusses the replenishing of trial funds for the defense team.

Keenan to Propose Test for Matsuoka News Article

Series of news wire pieces that report on Joseph B. Keenan's plan to establish a specific test for Yosuke Matsuoka in order to determine his health fitness to stand trial, the psychiatric examination of Dr. Shumei Okawa, and the order for arrests to be made of Lieutenant Generals Yuichiro Nagano and Fusataro Toshima with subsequent imprisonment in Sugamo.


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