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Yamashita Trial Legal; Fate Up To MacArthur News Article

Reports on the United States Supreme Court decision that the trial of Lt. Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita was legal. Gives the details of the courts decision as well as the charges Yamashita was tried for in Manila. Other news wire pieces include: "Keenan Sees Baking in Court Action: Ruling on Yamashita 'Helpful,' Says Chief of Prosecution Staff" and "British Prosecution Staff Arrives in Tokyo."

26 Top Japs, Including Tojo, Face Court Friday News Article

Reports that the 26 Japanese defendants at the IMTFE would enter their pleas on Friday and were "expected to plead innocent and to challenge the international tribunal's jurisdiction." Outlines the procedure for travel from Sugamo prison to the War Ministry building for the tribunal, Keenan's planned response to the defense's challenge regarding the validity of the trial, and the general set-up of the courtroom.

Tojo May Argue Rights of Court News Article

Reports on the potential defense move to challenge the validity of the Tokyo tribunal's jurisdiction and it's legality after Sir William Webb indicated that that line of reasoning would be permitted. Also relates continued outbursts in court by defendant Shumei Okawa as well as the reading of the full indictment and subsequent adjournment.

Bus Brings 26 Noted Japs to Face War Trial News Article

Reports on the transport of the 26 Japanese accused war criminals from Sugamo prison to the International Military Tribunal for the Far East held at the war ministry building. Describes the security precautions taken, the dress of the defendants and 8th army military police, and the opening of the tribunal.

Minutes of Thirteenth Meeting of Evidence and Defendants Committee

Topics discussed include: Leaking of prosecution affidavits to Japanese newspapers prior to introduction into evidence; errors in Exhibits 26 and 27.
1946CE Jul 5th

Japan War Crimes Trial Drama Seen as Second Rate Show News Article

Reports on the statements of Commander Bentley M. McMullin (an investigator and case lawyer on the prosecution staff) who stated that the "Allied prosecution of Japan's accused war makers had 'fallen victim to maladministration, neglect and inefficiency which in view of the issues at stake is tragic.'" The article then explores the problems with the tribunal and the way the Japanese citizens responded to the proceedings.

Japs' Defender Argues A-Bomb Was Murder, Too News Article

Reports on the statements of defense attorney Major Bruce Blakeney who asserted that "America's atom bombing of Hiroshima was no less murderous than Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor." Chief Prosecutor Joseph B. Keenan offered a quick rebuttal stating "we make no apologies for the use of the atomic bomb against Japan." He further argued, regarding the validity of the Tribunal, that "the lack of precedent . . . should not be used as an escape hatch for the guilty." The article also discusses the motion submitted by W. G. Furness to have four of the accused military generals tried by court martial rather than an international tribunal.

Japan Trained Troops for War With Russians News Article

Reports on the testimony of Ryukichi Tanaka regarding the training of "an estimated 2,500,000 men in Manchuria for war against Soviet Russia." "It was in line with this belief that a conflict with Russia was unavoidable that the Japanese set up a series of pro-Japanese governments in North China and inner Mongolia after their conquest of Manchuria," Tanaka testified. He also gave evidence regarding "the series of plots by a coalition of Japanese civilian ultra-nationalist groups and extreme militarists which brought about the Manchurian incident beginning Sept. 18, 1931."


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