'Buried Alive' May Have Been Soldier's Fate News Article

Reports on the trial of Lieut. Miyoroku Okada in Yokohama for his actions as commandant of the Nagoya prisoner of war camp. Includes information from the affidavits of 23 fellow prisoners who described the beating and subsequent burial of Aviation Ordnanceman Doyle W. Waggoner of Shreveport, Louisiana. Another news wire items report on the not guilty pleas offered by Nobuo Kanayama, Tsuyoshi Sadai and Kiyoichi Mori at the Eighth Army commission Yokohama trial, the charges against Tsutomu Shiba (former captain and medical officer in the Japanese army) in Tokyo, and the release of thirteen Japanese accused war criminals from Sugamo prison after they were acquitted of "charges of maltreating Allied war prisoners."

Jap Ex-Consul at Mukden is Heard at Trial News Article

Reports on the testimony of Morito Morishima, former assistant Japanese counsel general at Mukden, at the Tokyo war crimes trial regarding the Kwantung army's actions in Manchuria. Also reports that Yosuchi Kimura, former civilian guard at the Omori POW camp was sentenced to five years of hard labor.

Former Tribune Writer Tells of Manchuria Plot News Article

Reports on the testimony of J. B. Powell, a former American reporter for the Chicago Tribune, who related to the war crimes court at Tokyo his experiences in Manchuria following the Mukden incident. Indicates that the defense objections to his testimony were so strong that Sir William Webb warned that if Maj. George Furness continued his defense strategy, "we won't allow you to say another word."

Jap Mine Boss Says Captain Protected PWs News Article

Reports on the testimony of Hisashi Terada who maintained that Captain Hiroji Honda, an accused war criminal on trail at Yokohama, had lodged "protests against mistreatment of Allied prisoners of war by civilian employees of Joban Mining Company." Recounts the progress of Honda's trial and the courtroom events. Another news wire piece reports on the main points made by Homma's defense team at his trial in Manila.

'Kill Me and Be Damned!' Japs Defied by Yank News Article

Reports on testimony given at Homma's trial in Manila. Witnesses included Lt. Junjo Matsu (a Japanese officer), Lieutenant Jose Lukban (Philippine army), and Jose Diosana (Philippine army). Describes atrocities committed on American prisoners of war. Other news wire brief articles report on the capture of another Japanese war crimes suspect in Shanghai, testimony by Masaru Takata at the trial of Capt. Kaichi Hirate in Yokohama, and progress in the trial of Shin Ree-sai ("Chinese puppet foreman of a labor camp on Hokkaido).

Japs Accused of Beheading Denver Flier News Article

Reports on the upcoming trial of Masaaki Mibuchi and Jutaro Kikuchi, both of whom were "accused of beheading and bayoneting 2nd Lt. Darwin T. Emry, Denver, Colo., B-29 bombardier whose plan crashed after the great Tokyo raid of last May 25." The article (from the Pacific Stars and Stripes) indicates that the trial will be unique because the case will rest solely upon testimony from Japanese witnesses "rather than on affidavits and other documents."


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