General Fails to Place Blame for 'Incident' News Article

Reports on the testimony of Chinese General Chin Teh-chun, "former Peiping mayor and vice-commander of the Chinese 29th Army," including the fact that he was apparently unable to "substantiate his previous accusation that the defendant, Gen. Kenji Doihara, was instigator of the Mukden incident." Focuses on the cross-examination the defense attorney's gave to Teh-chun. An interesting excerpt includes "Former Premier Hideki Tojo enjoyed the morning session, smiling broadly on hearing the questions of Chinese distinity that were put to the Chinese witness." Also reports that Joseph B. Keenan returned to the IPS after his travel related to the war crimes trial.

Names Instigators of China 'Incident' News Article

Reports on the testimony by Chinese General Chin Teh-chun, vice minister of military operations, after a 12 day recess due to a lack of air conditioning in the IMTFE courtroom. Teh-chun's testimony focused on the Marco Polo Bridge incident (July 7, 1937) where, he stated, General Kenji Doihara was "the instigator of Japanese aggression in North China" as well as "the Mukden incident in Manchuria on September 18, 1931." He also named four other Japanese military officers (Sieji Katsuki, Seizo Kawabe, Renyam Mutaguchi, and Takashi Sakai) as instigators of the Marco Polo Bridge incident. The article also gives a synopsis of other events at the day's proceedings, including the fact that much of the morning session was occupied by straightening out language and translation issues.

Grim Account of 'Rape of Nanking' Told Court News Article

Reports on the testimony given by Dr. Hsu Chuan-ying, a Nanking resident, during the 'Rape of Nanking' and subsequent occupation by the Japanese military. Describes the mutilation of women, the burning of homes, and the mass killing of Chinese citizens. David N. Sutton was the prosecutor who questioned him on the stand. Chuan-ying defends the "Chinese Red Swastika Society," where he served as vice-chairman, as a "philanthropic organization." Two other short news wire pieces report on "Chinese Said Grateful for Presence of GI's" and "Terauchi's Remains Due Here."

Dr. Wilson Relates Six Weeks of Orgy After Entry Into Nanking News Article

Goes into great detail on the witness testimony from Dr. Robert O. Wilson, a former Nanking surgeon, regarding the 'Rape of Nanking' and subsequent occupation of the area by the Japanese military. Graphic descriptions of atrocities perpetrated on women as well as the recounting of mass executions that Wilson witnessed.

Pacific Stars and Stripes - July 10, 1946

Pacific Stars and Stripes, Volume 2, Number 190 from Wednesday, July 10, 1946. On the front page is an article titled "Tanaka Tells Second Effort to Oust Tojo, Testifies He Attempted to Persuade Gen. Ugaki to Overthrow Government." Reports on updates from the tribunal, international affairs, and domestic news from the United States.
1946CE Jul 10th

Rape of Nanking Told by Doctor in Trial of Tojo News Article

Reports on the testimony given by Dr. Robert O. Wilson, surgeon at Nanking's university hospital, regarding the atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers during the "Rape of Nanking." Gives accounts of Japanese soldiers violating Chinese women. Dr. Wilson also told of the increased opium sales after Japanese occupation.

Colonel, Death March of Bataan Survivor Returns to Tokyo to Testify at War Trials News Article

Reports on the testimony of Col Guy H. Stubbs, "survivor of 41 months as prisoner of war of Japan" who was a part of the Bataan death march in 1942. Gives details on the journey, atrocities committed, and a "court martial" that took place at Camp No. 1 at Cabanutaun where "six Americans who had slipped under a fence and returned with food from Filipinos were 'tried' for a half hour in which not one of the men was permitted to say a word" and then were executed.


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