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Testifies He Aided Jap Puppet Because He Was Well Paid News Article

Reports that Lawrence Kentwell, a former British subject being tried on allegations of collaboration with the puppet regime of Wan Ching-wei, will be tried as a Chinese citizen for the trial. Recounts his assertion that he was "morally against the regime" but worked with them because it paid him well.

Jap Mine Boss Says Captain Protected PWs News Article

Reports on the testimony of Hisashi Terada who maintained that Captain Hiroji Honda, an accused war criminal on trail at Yokohama, had lodged "protests against mistreatment of Allied prisoners of war by civilian employees of Joban Mining Company." Recounts the progress of Honda's trial and the courtroom events. Another news wire piece reports on the main points made by Homma's defense team at his trial in Manila.

Charges Homma Ordered Filipino Jurist Killed News Article

Reports on the testimony of Salvador Abad Santos to a military commission in Manila regarding the signing of a death warrant for former Philippines Supreme court chief justice Jose Abad Santos by Gen. Masaharu Homma. Other topics reported on include: testimony at the Tokyo war crimes trial on orders to Japanese guards to kill Allied POWs "in event of allied amphibious or skyborne landings in Japan," affidavits presented in court relating atrocities, and witness testimony regarding the beatings meted out by Japanese military men in prison camps.


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