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Jap Prince Has No Idea Why He is to be Tried News Article

Reports on the charges brought against Prince Norimasa Nashimoto, aged 71, who "described himself as a field marshal without a command, a prince without influence, and a Shinto ritualist with little to do." He was the "first member of the Japanese imperial household named as a suspected war criminal." Also reports on the response of Ryochi Sasakawa, former president of the Kokusai Domei political association, upon hearing that he was named as a war criminal.

Ex-PW Camp Guard Gets Five Year Term News Article

Reports on the sentencing of Yasushi Kimura, "former civilian guard at Omori PW camp," by the Eighth Army Headquarters in Yokohama for atrocities committed against prisoners of war. Also reports that Lt. General Robert L. Eichelberger, "Commanding General of the Eighth Army" approved the sentences of Tyunosuke Kimura, Buichi Omori, Yoshinari Minemoto, and Tokuichi Ichiba.

Keenan to Propose Test for Matsuoka News Article

Series of news wire pieces that report on Joseph B. Keenan's plan to establish a specific test for Yosuke Matsuoka in order to determine his health fitness to stand trial, the psychiatric examination of Dr. Shumei Okawa, and the order for arrests to be made of Lieutenant Generals Yuichiro Nagano and Fusataro Toshima with subsequent imprisonment in Sugamo.


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