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Tojo Defense Head Prepares for Trial as Jap-U.S. Press Accept Indictments News Article

Reports on the press and public's responses to the indictments presented by the prosecution before the tribunal on the previous Monday. States that the Japanese press were generally satisfied with the indictment while the American press felt that the list of suspects should be larger and include Hirohito. Quotes various individuals and their responses to the charges. Also reports that Dr. Tadashi Hanai, Japanese defense lawyer for Tojo, "condemned the Yamashita and Homma trials as 'not proper' because of the lack of good interpreters and competent Japanese lawyers." He further expressed his fears that the International Military Tribunal for the Far East would suffer from similar problems.

Study in Emotion News Clipping

Newspaper photograph from the Signal Corps with the caption: "Study in Emotion. Hearing an Eighth Army tribunal's guilty verdict against their son and husbands, convicted as war criminals, these women are not entirely successful in the Japanese practice of masking true emotions. Spectators in the Yokohama District Court as the commission hands down the sentence are, left to right: The mother-in-law of Tarao Sato, civilian guard at Camp Kawasaki, sentenced to eight years imprisonment on charges of beating and kicking prisoners of war; Sato's wife; and the wife of Keizo Suzuki, former medical aid at the camp, given a 16-year sentence for beating prisoners and failure to provide proper medical attention to the sick."

Ex-Nippon Army Man Sentenced by Court News Article

Reports that Lt. Col. Tashiro Kamino was sentenced by a Tokyo provost court to a "year's imprisonment and a fine of ¥5,000 for withholding information, making false statements, and destroying evidence about air crashed and war crimes." Gives details about the charges brought against Kamino. Also reports on the charging of two former prison camp guards "with the brutal beatings of 25 known American prisoners of war." Their trial was to be held in Yokohama. Other charges were brought against Hideji Nakamura, Lt. Col. Royichi Tozuka, Tokizo Makita and Hisaki Itai. Article gives specific details about their supposed actions and committed atrocities (that predominantly took place in the Philippines arena).


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