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Tojo Defense Head Prepares for Trial as Jap-U.S. Press Accept Indictments News Article

Reports on the press and public's responses to the indictments presented by the prosecution before the tribunal on the previous Monday. States that the Japanese press were generally satisfied with the indictment while the American press felt that the list of suspects should be larger and include Hirohito. Quotes various individuals and their responses to the charges. Also reports that Dr. Tadashi Hanai, Japanese defense lawyer for Tojo, "condemned the Yamashita and Homma trials as 'not proper' because of the lack of good interpreters and competent Japanese lawyers." He further expressed his fears that the International Military Tribunal for the Far East would suffer from similar problems.

Propaganda for War Brought Up at Trial News Article

Reports on the testimony of Nobumi Ito, former President of the Board of Information, regarding the use of propaganda to prepare the Japanese populace of war with the United States and Great Britain. Describes in detail the actions taken by the Japanese government to use propaganda as early as 1930 to build support for action in Manchuria. Also testifying to the use of propaganda was former Education Minister Tamon Mayeda who asserted that Shumei Okawa was "one of the leading writers of that period, urging expansion and control of Manchuria." Other materials submitted into evidence by the prosecution to build their case regarding the use of propaganda included "a set of paper theatrical pictures which Akio Saki, president of the Nippon Kamishibai Kaisha, claimed were shown to children throughout Japan." The end of the article addressed ongoing translation concerns voiced by the defense.

Minutes of Fourteenth Meeting of Evidence and Defendants Committee

Topics include: Full affidavits must be given to the Defense (although excerpts may be used in court); the careful checking of name translations from Japanese; a reminder to attorneys to fully read documents they request to be translated prior to submission so that items are not needlessly translated.
1946CE Jul 12th

Names Instigators of China 'Incident' News Article

Reports on the testimony by Chinese General Chin Teh-chun, vice minister of military operations, after a 12 day recess due to a lack of air conditioning in the IMTFE courtroom. Teh-chun's testimony focused on the Marco Polo Bridge incident (July 7, 1937) where, he stated, General Kenji Doihara was "the instigator of Japanese aggression in North China" as well as "the Mukden incident in Manchuria on September 18, 1931." He also named four other Japanese military officers (Sieji Katsuki, Seizo Kawabe, Renyam Mutaguchi, and Takashi Sakai) as instigators of the Marco Polo Bridge incident. The article also gives a synopsis of other events at the day's proceedings, including the fact that much of the morning session was occupied by straightening out language and translation issues.


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