The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, U.Va.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

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Narcotics / Opium

Doc. No. 949 - Analysis of Documentary Evidence

Analysis of Proceedings of Privy Council, Nov. 2 1936, re (1) "Ratification of Agreement for Suppression Use of Opium for Smoking," (2) "KWANTUNG Province Opium Order," (3) "Anti-Comintern Agreement." Persons Implicated: HIRANUMA, Kiichiro; HIROTA, Koki; SUZUKI, Kantaro; TERAUCHI, Count Hisaichi; ARITA, Koki (Present at meeting). Crimes to which document applicable: Background of opium trade; conspiracy against international peace.
1946CE Mar 25th

Pu Yi Tells of Jap Opium Sale News Article

Reports on the testimony given by Henry Pu Yi, former puppet ruler of Manchuria. While he testified that "Japan made opium addicts of Manchurians to keep down revolt and was planning an invasion of Soviet Russia," Pu Yi subsequently had trouble remembering events when he was cross-examined by defense counsel. Gives details on the questions asked and Pu Yi's responses. The article concludes by stating "Pu Yi is in Soviet custody, and is expected to be returned to Moscow after his testimony is concluded."

Rape of Nanking Told by Doctor in Trial of Tojo News Article

Reports on the testimony given by Dr. Robert O. Wilson, surgeon at Nanking's university hospital, regarding the atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers during the "Rape of Nanking." Gives accounts of Japanese soldiers violating Chinese women. Dr. Wilson also told of the increased opium sales after Japanese occupation.

Revised Deadline Dates

Lists deadlines for Chinese Military Aggression Including Atoricites, Opium and Narcotics, Economic Aggression, Relations with Germany and Italy, Relations with Russia, Preparations for War, Relations with U.S. & Great Britain, Relations with Netherlands,
1946CE Jun 28th

Trial Transcript September 4, 1946

Transcript of Proceedings, September 4, 1946 (pp. 4783 -- 4908 inc.) Prosecution's Witness Hajime Satomi with direct by Major John F. Hummel and cross by Mr. Kanzaki and Major George A. Furness. Exhibits include multiple reports from the U. S. Treasury Attache in Shanghai and the American Consulate in Tsinan, China. Discussion focuses on narcotics, including opium, and Japanese actions in China.
1946CE Sep 4th


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