The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, U.Va.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

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Background Information

The Military Clique by Ryūkichi Tanaka

敗因を衝く : 軍閥専横の実相 / Haiin o tsuku : Gunbatsu sen'ō no jissō. This is Ryūkichi Tanaka's thoughts on Japan's defeat. Tanaka served in various military positions throughout Japan's aggression in Manchuria and World War II. He served as an important witness during the Tokyo War Crimes Trial. The publication is entirely in Japanese and was published in 1946 (Showa 21) by Sansuisha. The cover page has a dedication to "Mr. Capt. Phelp, 1946, 22, Feb, ā Tokyo" from Tanaka (possibly Ryukichi Tanaka and not another individual). Only the front cover, spine, cover page with signature, and back cover have been digitized and presented on this digital archive due to copyright restrictions.
1946CE Feb 22nd

International Documents and Agreements

Contains the full texts of: 1. The Cairo Agreement (1 December 1943), 2. The Potsdam Declaration (20 July 1945), 3. Japanese Qualified Acceptance (10 August 1945), 4. Reply of the United States (Sec'y of ?State) (11 August 1945), 5. Final Japanese Acceptance (14 August 1945), 6. Instrument of Surrender (2 September 1945), (Including Proclamation of Emperor of Japan. Handwritten notation at the bottom of first page also states "Moscow Conference Agreement (26 Dec 45) Including Far Eastern Commission and Allied Council for Japan.

Communique of Moscow Conference

Authorized communique from the Moscow Conference where the United States, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom reached an agreement regarding the preparation of peace treaties with Italy, Rumania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Finland, the establishment of a Far Eastern Commission, and other international policy decisions.
1945CE Dec 28th

IMTFE Proceedings (April 29 - June 5, 1946)

Official record / transcript of the IMTFE court proceedings from the opening day (April 29, 1946) until June 5, 1946. The first fourteen pages contain the background of international agreements, the formal establishment proclamation of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (including the policies and powers of the court), the names of all individuals involved in the proceedings, and the charges against the accused Japanese defendants.


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