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Doc. No. 1634 - Analysis of Documentary Evidence

Analysis of Important Decisions re: International and National Policies. Persons Implicated: HIROTA, Koki; UMEZU, Yushijiro; (TERAUCHI); NAGANO, Osami; SHIMADA, Shigetaro; (SUGIYAMA) (KONOE); KAYA, Okinori; KIDO, Koichi. Crimes to which document applicable: All China Military Aggression, Economic Aggression, Preparations for War, Relations with Germany, USSR
1946CE May 17th

War in Manchuria Act of Aggression, Prosecutor Stays News Article

Reports on assistant prosecutor Walter MacKenzie's attempt to "prove conclusively that Japan did not act in self defense on September 18, 1931, and that China was totally not responsible for the outbreak of the Manchurian Incident" by directly quoting the Lytton Report. Gives details about the day's proceedings at the Tribunal. Topics include: the puppet emperor Pu-Yi, testimony from a former South Manchuria Railway Company employee, the financial state of Manchuokuo (evidence offered by John A. Darsey), objections to the evidence lodged by Capt. Alfred Brooks, construction of the Kirin-Tunghua Railway Extension line, Japanese aviation projects in Manchuria, and notable persons present at the tribunal.

Nazi Envoy to Japs in '41 Held for MacArthur News Article

Reports on the detention of 110 suspected Japanese war criminals, including "Gen. Takeji Washi, former chief of staff of Japanese general headquarters." Also detained in China was Gen. Eugene Ott, "Nazi ambassador to Tokyo at the time of Pearl Harbor." Other news items report on the rush by Japanese business men to form a "league for safeguarding the emperor" and the progress of plans to purge ultra-nationalists from public office.

Foreign Minister Baron Tanaka's Speech at the 54th Session of the Imperial Diet

Document No. 760. Speech by Foreign Minister Baron Tanaka at the 54th Session of the Imperial Diet given on January 21, 1928. Topics discussed include relations with the League of Nations, Great Britain, the United States, France (regarding French Indo-China), the U. S. S. R., and China. Goes into details regarding Japan's policy towards China as well as plans for commerce treaties.


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