Old Name Field Name Field For Displaysort descending
Wiley Blount Rutledge
Harlan F. Stone
Tom Campbell Clark Tom Campbell Clark
Kenji Tomita Kenji Tomita
Michitaka Kaino Michitaka Kaino
[Unknown] Permyakoff [Unknown] Permyakoff
Charles Nelson Spinks Charles Nelson Spinks
S. A. Andretta S. A. Andretta
Tanejiro Shiina Tanejiro Shiina
K. Hoshide K. Hoshide
Walter I. McKenzie Walter I. McKenzie
Margaret D. Moose Margaret D. Moose
Bert Stein Bert Stein
Elaine B. Fischel Elaine B. Fischel
T. Kagoshima T. Kagoshima
John L. Crist John L. Crist
Young Jun Kung Young Jun Kung
Drew Pearson Drew Pearson
Richard G. Fletcher Richard G. Fletcher
Jewel E. Newman Jewel E. Newman
Vincent C. Burke Vincent C. Burke
Kuan Wan Chang Kuan Wan Chang
Wu Zah Tsing Wu Zah Tsing
Yung Hsing Chang Yung Hsing Chang
Edith Haworth Edith Haworth
Robert B. Moody Robert B. Moody
John D. Caldwell John D. Caldwell
W. J. Sebald W. J. Sebald
Kwen-Wu Kao Kwen-Wu Kao
Yasumichi Tanaka Yasumichi Tanaka
Akira Abe Akira Abe
David C. Berger David C. Berger
Ping Chow Ping Chow
Shinichi Ohara Shinichi Ohara
Tsai Lee King Tsai Lee King
[Unknown] Shimizu [Unknown] Shimizu
Chi Sheng Liu Chi Sheng Liu
Nobuo Naritomi Nobuo Naritomi
Teh-Yi Shang Teh-Yi Shang
Wang Pi-Chan Wang Pi-Chan
Masakatsu Suzuki Masakatsu Suzuki
[Unknown] Gottfriedsen [Unknown] Gottfriedsen
C. V. Dowling C. V. Dowling
Ernst von Weizsäcker Ernst von Weizsäcker
Rollin H. Cragg Rollin H. Cragg
Tadashi Hanai Tadashi Hanai
Johnson F. Munroe Johnson F. Munroe
Lorraine Yelden Lorraine Yelden
Masuo Katō Masuo Katō
[Unknown] Lorentzen [Unknown] Lorentzen
Chao-Ming Wang Chao-Ming Wang
F. Hursey F. Hursey
Rustem Vambery Rustem Vambery
Henry Wiseman Kendall Henry Wiseman Kendall
Takejiro Horaguchi Takejiro Horaguchi
Ju Tao Chow Ju Tao Chow
M. Fisher M. Fisher
Ben Parker Ben Parker
Harry M. Kimball Harry M. Kimball
Sun K. Chen Sun K. Chen
Yong Ung Chu Yong Ung Chu
Dick Dunn Dick Dunn
Shoji Matsuno Shoji Matsuno
Ulrich Straus Ulrich Straus
Wong Pan Sze Wong Pan Sze
Myrtle H. Barthmaier Myrtle H. Barthmaier
[Unknown] Tanyu [Unknown] Tanyu
Ching-Ju Chu Ching-Ju Chu
Otto Lowe Otto Lowe
Fusaichi Yanawaki Fusaichi Yanawaki
Seborn Perry Seborn Perry
Ichiro Ishii Ichiro Ishii
Keiji Nomura Keiji Nomura
Wei-Kuo Hong Wei-Kuo Hong
Y. Matsudara Y. Matsudara
A. Frederick Mignone A. Frederick Mignone
[Unknown] Wohltat [Unknown] Wohltat
George Ashmore Fitch George Ashmore Fitch
Shigeru Fukudome Shigeru Fukudome
J. B. D. Pennink J. B. D. Pennink
Tomohiko Ushiba Tomohiko Ushiba
Kenneth Millikan Brim Kenneth Millikan Brim
William E. Edwards William E. Edwards
Mickey Portillo Mickey Portillo
S. A. Diana S. A. Diana
Hidoki Tojo Kido Hidoki Tojo Kido
Tanimizu Yutaka Tanimizu Yutaka
K. Inagaki K. Inagaki
Walter Simmons Walter Simmons
Margaret Denny Margaret Denny
Bessie H. Alderman Bessie H. Alderman
Helmut Braunert Helmut Braunert
T. Katsube T. Katsube
John Ladsby John Ladsby
Young San Young San
Andrew Headland Andrew Headland
Duane Hennessy Duane Hennessy
Richard H. Larah Richard H. Larah
H. McCoy H. McCoy
Shunzō Kobayashi Shunzō Kobayashi
Vincent Sansone Vincent Sansone
Kuang-yii Ch'en Kuang-yii Ch'en
Yushi Uchimura Yushi Uchimura
Arvid Balk Arvid Balk
Edith Tōgō Edith Tōgō
Robert B. Morse Robert B. Morse
W. K. Chen W. K. Chen
Yee-Tse Ho Yee-Tse Ho
David Charnay David Charnay
Po Chang Li Po Chang Li
Gerald S. Noble Gerald S. Noble
Shinichi Shibusawa Shinichi Shibusawa
J. W. Mann J. W. Mann
Tsao Hsin-Peh Tsao Hsin-Peh
William Wallace William Wallace
Miyake Shotaro Miyake Shotaro
[Unknown] Shiobara [Unknown] Shiobara
Chi Yuan Chi Yuan
Frank White Frank White
Sadao Iguchi Sadao Iguchi
Hugh Byas Hugh Byas
Kate R. Lipop Kate R. Lipop
Wang Shi Ziang Wang Shi Ziang
Masami Suzuki Masami Suzuki
[Unknown] Greitzer [Unknown] Greitzer
C. Virginia von Schon C. Virginia von Schon
Tadashi Mori Tadashi Mori
José Caray José Caray
Matsunoto Shunishi Matsunoto Shunishi
Charles A. Carter Charles A Carter
F. Suyama F. Suyama
Ruth E. K. Peterson Ruth E. K. Peterson
Takemichi Abe Takemichi Abe
M. Fujii M. Fujii
Benedict Fitzgerald Benedict Fitzgerald
Edward Scheidt Edward Scheidt
Sun Yuen Cheng Sun Yuen Cheng
John Gillespie Magee John Gillespie Magee
Lee M. Kenna Lee M. Kenna
Yoshiaki Hatta Yoshiaki Hatta
Alfred Donald McKellar Alfred Donald McKellar
Ralph A. Wells Ralph A. Wells
Shosuke Aoki Shosuke Aoki
James M. McEwen James M. McEwen
United States Office of Chief of Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality United States Office of Chief of Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality
Wong Wen Hao Wong Wen Hao
N. A. Bazenko N. A. Bazenko
Chu Fong-weh Chu Fong-weh
Owen Brewster Owen Brewster
Seihei Okuyama Seihei Okuyama
Ichirō Nakayama Ichirō Nakayama
Thomas J. Scott Thomas J. Scott
Keisuke Okada Keisuke Okada
Kumaichi Yamamoto Kumaichi Yamamoto
Ya Ching Chen Ya Ching Chen
A. I. Maurin A. I. Maurin
[Unknown] Woodie [Unknown] Woodie
Clyde [Unknown] Clyde [Unknown]
Paul Scheffer Paul Scheffer
J. D. Travis J. D. Travis
Tomoji Sasagawa Tomoji Sasagawa
William E. Jackson William E. Jackson
Miguel de Espinos Miguel de Espinos
Charles T. Young Charles T. Young
Frank C. Stover Frank C. Stover
S. A. Golunsky S. A. Golunsky
Tatego Morishige Tatego Morishige
K. Inseki K. Inseki
Margaret Keyser Margaret Keyser
[Unknown] Erdmannsdorff [Unknown] Erdmannsdorff
Elton M. Hyder Elton M. Hyder
Robert Trumbull Robert Trumbull
Helmut Krajewicz Helmut Krajewicz
T. Okamura T. Okamura
John M. Weir John M. Weir
Li San Chen Li San Chen
Young Shih Ping Young Shih Ping
Ange Nathan Ange Nathan
E. A. Tame E. A. Tame
H. S. Winkler H. S. Winkler
Sidney S. Paine Sidney S. Paine
Vioto Matsudaira Vioto Matsudaira
Lu Su Lu Su
Yutaka Chusho Yutaka Chusho
Asaji Nakagami Asaji Nakagami
Robert C. Wilson Robert C. Wilson
Hans Ulrich von Marchtaler Hans Ulrich von Marchtaler
Sotomatsu Kato Sotomatsu Kato
W. Matteson W. Matteson
L. A. Hinge L. A. Hinge
Yeh Yoeh Su Yeh Yoeh Su
Shinischi Ohhara Shinischi Ohhara
J. Wesley Jones J. Wesley Jones
Tsi Ni Hu Tsi Ni Hu
Kimbei Nakai Kimbei Nakai
Willianna Settle Willianna Settle
Mohachi Oki Mohachi Oki
Chi Yuan Liu Chi Yuan Liu
Norie Kato Norie Kato
Sakae Suzuki Sakae Suzuki
Hui Ching Ho Hui Ching Ho
Teiichi Suzuki Teiichi Suzuki
Katherine Allen Katherine Allen
Warren C. Funk Warren C. Funk
Masami Takatsuji Masami Takatsuji
Caesar Cone Caesar Cone
Rosamund Woodruff Morgan Rosamund Woodruff Morgan
Tadashi Sugiura Tadashi Sugiura
José P. Laurel José P. Laurel
Ken Nagano Ken Nagano
Wilhelm Dwars Wilhelm Dwars
Max Radin Max Radin
[Unknown] Matsky [Unknown] Matsky
Charles A. Mantz Charles A. Mantz
Fan-Yuen Jui Fan-Yuen Jui
Ruth F. Anderson Ruth F. Anderson
Takeo Ito Takeo Ito
Juan C. de Molina Juan C. de Molina
Haru Kurosaka Haru Kurosaka
Sung Sze Loh Sung Sze Loh
John Goette John Goette
Lee Tih Sung Lee Tih Sung
Yoshiaki Ogita Yoshiaki Ogita
Alfred F. Kretschmer Alfred F. Kretschmer
Dinah Braun Dinah Braun
Gustave Schneider Gustave Schneider
Show Ping Show Ping
Ural Alexis Johnson Ural Alexis Johnson
Koji Ushioda Koji Ushioda
Woo Chang Sze Woo Chang Sze
N. D. Kubeeva N. D. Kubeeva
[Unknown] Thompson [Unknown] Thompson
Seiichirō Ono Seiichirō Ono
Ichiro Noda Ichiro Noda
Thomas J. Sheenn Thomas J. Sheenn
Kun Ching Chen Kun Ching Chen
Colin Fleming Brien Colin Fleming Brien
Paul [Unknown] Paul [Unknown]
Shigetaka Hozumi Shigetaka Hozumi
J. H. Applegarth J. H. Applegarth
Tomoo Sato Tomoo Sato
Mihai A. Antonescu Mihai A. Antonescue
Charlotte [Unknown] Charlotte [Unknown]
S. Dolitskaya S. Dolitskaya
Hiroshi Oshima Hiroshi Oshima
Tatsuki Ryuki Shimanouchi Tatsuki Ryuki Shimanouchi
K. Kondo K. Kondo
Wanda Tieszen Wanda Tieszen
Marguerite Allen Marguerite Allen
Emil E. Prüfert Emil E. Prüfert
Helmuth Wohlthat Helmuth Wohlthat
T. R. Delaney T. R. Delaney
Li Shaw-kung Li Shaw-kung
Yozo Mana Yozo Mana
Antoinette Duda Antoinette Duda
Richard Lawton Richard Lawton
H. Shimojima H. Shimojima
Sidney Whipple Sidney Whipple
Lu-ta Cheng Lu-ta Cheng
Yutaka Egashira Yutaka Egashira
Edna M. Hickam Edna M. Hickam
Robert Cromie Robert Cromie
Hanson Weightman Baldwin Hanson Weightman Baldwin
John Darsey John Darsey
W. P. Cumming W. P. Cumming
Yen Teh-Yuan Yen Teh-Yuan
Albert Anson Dorrance Albert Anson Dorrance
R. DeMartino R. DeMartino
Goichiro Fujii Goichiro Fujii
Shinji Somiya Shinji Somiya
Jack Fihelly Jack Fihelly
Tsunekasu Namba Tsunekasu Namba
Willie N. Holderness Willie N. Holderness
Morito Morishima Morito Morishima
[Unknown] Spencer [Unknown] Spencer
Chia Hsiun Chang Chia Hsiun Chang
Norman Boren Norman Boren
Fred C. Dunn Fred C. Dunn
Sam Goldberg Sam Goldberg
Hung-Ju Chang Hung-Ju Chang
Tein-'tung Chang Tein-'tung Chang
Katherine L. Thome Katherine L. Thome
Warren H. Wagner Warren H. Wagner
Masamichi Rōyama Masamichi Rōyama
[Unknown] Ishii [Unknown] Ishii
Roswell E. Smith Roswell E. Smith
Takagi Hiraichi Takagi Hiraichi
Ken Sugiyama Ken Sugiyama
Max W. Bishop Max W. Bishop
[Unknown] Mazki [Unknown] Mazki
Fielding Lewis Fry Fielding Lewis Fry
Ruth V. Stiles Ruth V. Stiles
Herbert Trotter Herbert Trotter
Takesō Shimoda Takesō Shimoda
M. R. Anderson M. R. Anderson
[unknown] Brooks [unknown] Brooks
Edward W. Mill Edward W. Mill
Robert L. Wiley Robert L. Wiley
Harutero Miyake Harutero Miyake
Susumu Morioka Susumu Morioka
Leighton L. Tapp Leighton L. Tapp
Yoshie Saito Yoshie Saito
Don Jordan Don Jordan
Ray T. Watkins Ray T. Watkins
Shozo Murata Shozo Murata
V. Kaplan V. Kaplan
Kokichi Kawakami Kokichi Kawakami
Woo King Zai Woo King Zai
N. W. Delaney N. W. Delaney
[Unknown] Timberman [Unknown] Timberman
Chuichi Ohashi Chuichi Ohashi
P. W. Clarkson P. W. Clarkson
G. J. Hsu G. J. Hsu
Thomas W. O'Hara Thomas W. O'Hara
Joaquín Rodríguez de Cortázar Joaquín Rodríguez de Cortázar
Virginia Brown Virginia Brown
Yamada Ichiro Yamada Ichiro
A. Maupin A. Maupin
[Unknown] Yamamoto [Unknown] Yamamoto
Curtis [Unknown] Curtis [Unknown]
Tong Shau-chu Tong Shau-chu
Kentaro Arai Kentaro Arai
Mildred Rich Mildred Rich
Naoyoshi Tsukazaki Naoyoshi Tsukazaki
S. F. Duabella S. F. Duabella
Hobart W. Gunning Hobart W. Gunning
Tatsumi Koretsune Tatsumi Koretsune
K. Mills K. Mills
Wang Chang-Kuei Wang Chang-Kuei
Mariko Terasaki Mariko Terasaki
[unknown] Franks [unknown] Franks
Emil Karl Josef Wiehl Emil Karl Josef Wiehl
T. Yamanaka T. Yamanaka
John O'Hanley John O'Hanley
Li Shih Wei Li Shih Wei
Yu Mang Ho Yu Mang Ho
Araki Sadan Araki Sadan
Silas E. Morris Silas E. Morris
Joseph B. Williams Joseph B. Williams
Yutaka Sugahara Yutaka Sugahara
Ayakoto Okazaki Ayakoto Okazaki
Eduard Feer Eduard Feer
Robert Dick Douglas Robert Dick Douglas
Hanzo Yamada Hanzo Yamada
Sterling Tucker Dibrell Sterling Tucker Dibrell
John E. Craps John E. Craps
W. P. Mills W. P. Mills
L. C. Raymond L. C. Raymond
Yi Far Huang Yi Far Huang
R. Furiyama R. Furiyama
Gorō Murata Gorō Murata
Shinrokuro Hidaka Shinrokuro Hidaka
Tsunezo Wachi Tsunezo Wachi
Kinjiro Ohta Kinjiro Ohta
Willis E. Mahoney Willis E. Mahoney
Morris Harris Morris Harris
Chiao Ying Huang Chaio Ying Huang
Okihisa Matsuno Okihisa Matsuno
Fred F. Wiener Fred F. Wiener
Samuel A. Roberts Samuel A. Roberts
Hwai Lo Hwai Lo
Thelma Walker Thelma Walker
Katsuma Urabe Katsuma Urabe
Warren P. Davis Warren P. Davis
Masao Migita Masao Migita
[unknown] Kaltenbrunner [unknown] Kaltenbrunner
Carl Wiegman Carl Wiegman
Takakichi Tanaka Takakichi Tanaka
Ingeborg Nyden Ingeborg Nyden
Kengo Noda Kengo Noda
Mayuma Furukawa Mayuma Furukawa
Ryoichi Omura Ryoichi Omura
Herbert von Dirksen Herbert von Dirksen
Takio Oda Takio Oda
Julian S. Egre Julian S. Egre
W. Takahashi W. Takahashi
Edwin Borchard Edwin Borchard
Hashiro Okuyama Hashiro Okuyama
Sylvio L. Bousquin Sylvio L. Bousquin
John Haynes Holmes John Haynes Holmes
Alfred R. Nerz Alfred R. Nerz
Donald M. Davis Donald M. Davis
Raymond Henry Fisher Raymond Henry Fisher
Shui Fang Tsen Shui Fang Tsen
James Russell Young James Russell Young
V. Tadevossian V. Tadevossian
Komomta Sano Komomta Sano
Nagaharu Odo Nagaharu Odo
[Unknown] Timofeeva [Unknown] Timofeeva
Chun Ching Hwang Chun Ching Hwang
Seiji Hara Seiji Hara
W. A. Lambeth W. A. Lambeth
Kunimi Hotta Kunimi Hotta
Yanase Tamosu Yanase Tamosu
[Unknown] Yonezawa [Unknown] Yonezawa
D. Milton Ladd D. Milton Ladd
George Lee George Lee
Shigeto Tsuru Shigeto Tsuru
J. Hall Paxton J. Hall Paxton
Torashiro Kawabe Torashiro Kawabe
Kentaro Murakami Kentaro Murakami
William Hutchinson William Hutchinson
Miles Walter Vaughn Miles Walter Vaughn
[unknown] Rosenberg [unknown] Rosenberg
Chen Kuen Ho Chen Kuen Ho
Nathan Ayers Nathan Ayers
Frank Emery Frank Emery
S. Motono S. Motono
Homer Ferguson Homer Ferguson
Tatsuo Inagawa Tatsuo Inagawa
Wang Chao-Ming Wang Chao-Ming
[Unknown] Galbraith [Unknown] Galbraith
Bruno Rantane Bruno Rantane
Roger S. Rutchick Roger S. Rutchick
Henry Augustine Dolan, Jr. Henry Augustine Dolan Jr.
T. Yokoyama T. Yokoyama
Yu Men Ho Yu Men Ho
Arch Kerper Schoch Arch Kerper Schoch, Esq.
E. J. Lincourt E. J. Lincourt
Richard Reeve Richard Reeve
Hachiro Okuyama Hachiro Okuyama
Smith N. Crowe Smith N. Crowe
Takako Nagayo Takako Nagayo
Luis Silva Luis Silva
Yutaka Sugawara Yutaka Sugawara
B. B. Knight B. B. Knight
Edward E. O'Neill Edward E. O'Neill
Steve Yamamoto Steve Yamamoto
John Edgar Hoover John Edgar Hoover
W. R. Glavin W. R. Glavin
L. Kent Babcock L. Kent Babcock
Yi-Mu Chou Yi-Mu Chou
Albert N. Carlblom Albert N. Carlblom
David W. Parsons David W. Parsons
Gorō Nakano Gorō Nakano
Shinseki Takasugi Shinseki Takasugi
Jacques Gouelou Jacques Gouelou
Tsuruo Takano Tsuruo Takano
Kintaro Takeuchi Kintaro Takeuchi
Wilson Hefner Wilson Hefner
Motokichi Hasegawa Motokichi Hasegawa
Chien Hsuan Hu Chien Hsuan Hu
Okikazu Arao Okikazu Arao
Fred W. Bateman Fred W. Bateman
Hyōichirō Kusano Hyōichirō Kusano
Katsuo Okazaki Katsuo Okazaki
Wataru Eguchi Wataru Eguchi
Masao Takahashi Masao Takahashi
[unknown] Kankazi [unknown] Kankazi
Ippei Kato Ippei Kato
Ti Shu-tang Ti Shu-tang
Kenichi Otabe Kenichi Otabe
William A. "Red" Underwood, Jr. William A. "Red" Underwood Jr.
Meredith Weatherby Meredith Weatherby
[Unknown] Murakami [Unknown] Murakami
Charles D. Sheldon Charles D. Sheldon
Floyd W. Cunningham Floyd W. Cunningham
Ryōichi Sasakawa Ryōichi Sasakawa
Herbert W. Delaney Herbert W. Delaney
Tameo Hongo Tameo Hongo
Julian Wolf Julian Wolf
W. W. Meyer W. W. Meyer
M. Sano M. Sano
Bernard Flynn Bernard Flynn
John Heinrich Detlev Rabe John Heinrich Detlev Rabe
Leo M. Traynor Leo M. Traynor
Yoshisuke Aikawa Yoshisuke Aikawa
Raymond Pimlott Kaighn Raymond Pimlott Kaighn
H. Baumfeld H. Baumfeld
Shuichi Okamoto Shuichi Okamoto
James Tzu-chien Liu James Tzu-chien Liu
Konji Dohihara Konji Dohihara
Wu Chang Teh Wu Chang Teh
Naoki Hoshino Naoki Hoshino
Claire Stefanelli Claire Stefanelli
Paul A. Boran Paul A. Boran
G. Raymond Webb G. Raymond Webb
Hai Min-ohu Hai Min-ohu
Smith W. Brookhart Smith W. Brookhart
W. C. McMillion W. C. McMillion
Yang Yu-wan Yang Yu-wan
A. R. Boyce A. R. Boyce
[Unknown] Yoshihashi [Unknown] Yoshihashi
Percy E. Foxworth Percy E. Foxworth
Shigotaka Hozumi Shigotaka Hozumi
J. I. Riley J. I. Riley
Toru Nakagawa Toru Nakagawa
Kenzō Takayanagi Kenzō Takayanagi
William J. Kurtz William J. Kurtz
Miner Searle Bates Miner Searle Bates
Chen Wan Chang Chen Wan Chang
Nelson Moore Nelson Moore
Frank Gardiner Wisner Frank Gardiner Wisner
S. Ohta S. Ohta
Howard C. Gilmer, Jr. Howard C. Gilmer Jr.
Tatsuo Tsukuda Tatsuo Tsukuda
K. Wakasugi K. Wakasugi
Wang Chao-ming Wang Chao-ming
Marshal Choibolsan Marshal Choibolsan
Bryce R. Holt Bryce R. Holt
John V. Moran John V. Moran
Lib [Unknown] Lib [Unknown]
Yukiharu Matsudaira Yukiharu Matsudaira
Archibald Kind Archibald Kind
E. M. Bogdanova E. M. Bogdanova
Richard W. Morgan Richard W. Morgan
Henry Lewis Stimson Henry Lewis Stimson
Takashi Matsuzaki Takashi Matsuzaki
Zembi Horikiri Zembi Horikiri
Edward H. Dell Edward H. Dell
Robert F. Mahon Robert F. Mahon
Stewart Hensley Stewart Hensley
John Edward Lawler John Edward Lawler
W. S. Yard W. S. Yard
L. L. Laughlin L. L. Laughlin
Yien Wang Sze Yien Wang Sze
Albert Williams Albert Williams
Dean Pieper Dean Pieper
R. J. Murphy, Jr. R. J. Murphy Jr.
Shinsuke Kishi Shinsuke Kishi
James B. Dodds James B. Dodds
Tu Ming Kwang Tu Ming Kwang
Winston Churchill Winston Churchill
Motonori Emura Motonori Emura
Chihiro Saeki Chihiro Saeki
Okinori Kaya Okinori Kaya
I. Kaye I. Kaye
Katsuya Sasaki Katsuya Sasaki
Wei Chin Fan Wei Chin Fan
Masataka Yamawaki Masataka Yamawaki
Eugene D. Williams Eugene D. Williams
G. Walter Bowman G. Walter Bowman
Selma M. Betar Selma M. Betar
Isaburo Kazuma Isaburo Kazuma
Ting Hsung Fu Ting Hsung Fu
Kenichi Yanagisawa Kenichi Yanagisawa
William C. Baker, Jr. William C. Baker Jr.
Miano Ohuchi Miano Ohuchi
Charles G. Coleman, Jr. Charles G. Coleman Jr.
Foo Shan Loo Foo Shan Loo
Ryōichi Takao Ryōichi Takao
Tamon Maeda Tamon Maeda
Junkichi Banno Junkichi Banno
W. W. Yung W. W. Yung
Bernard M. Feldman Bernard M. Feldman
Eiichi Makino Eiichi Makino
Robert M. Springer Robert M. Springer
Hazel Hardin Hazel P. Hardin
John J. Crowley John J. Crowley
Yoshitsugu Takahashi Yoshitsugu Takahashi
Donald Starr Donald Starr
Reginald S. Davies Reginald S. Davies
H. E. Stevens H. E. Stevens
Valentine B. Deale Valentine B. Deale
Wu Chien Hsuan Wu Chien Hsuan
A. A. Kudelin A. A. Kudelin
Clara B. Knapp Clara B Knapp
Hannah Kato Hannah Kato
Soeji Weda Soeji Weda
John B. Cooley John B. Cooley
Kurt Ludde-Neurath Kurt Ludde-Neurath
Yano Mitsuji Yano Mitsuji
Pete [Unknown] Pete [Unknown]
Shih Tien Chow Shih Tien Chow
J. K. Sano J. K. Sano
Toshikazu Kase Toshikazu Kase
Kenzo Takayanagi Kenzo Takayanagi
Ming Hai Ho Ming Hai Ho
Chen Wan-ching Chen Wan-ching
Nettie Daugherty Nettie Daugherty
Frank Gonet Frank Gonet
S. R. Burk S. R. Burk
Howard Marcus Handleman Howard Marcus Handleman
Ted R. Reeves Ted R. Reeves
Kan Chuah Huang Kan Chuah Huang
Wang Chun Fu Wang Chun Fu
Martin Gonzalez Martin Gonzalez
[Unknown] Gerasimova [Unknown] Gerasimova
Rokuro Usami Rokuro Usami
Henry Chiu Henry Chiu
Tada Hayao Tada Hayao
John Voehringer John Voehringer
Yukio Kasahara Yukio Kasahara
E. N. Reed E. N. Reed
Rikuman Mitsu Ju Rikuman Mitsu Ju
Eugene Hoffman Dooman Eugene Hoffman Dooman
Roy R. Sibold Roy R. Sibold
Henry Pu Yi Henry Pu Yi
Takashi Murakami Takashi Murakami
Lung Fei Li Lung Fei Li
B. N. Fitch B N Fitch
Robert Gerald Storey Robert Gerald Storey
Harold Frank Gill Harold Frank Gill
Sublet Walton Sublet Walton
John F. Barry John F. Barry
L. R. Knoll L. R. Knoll
Yin Chow Hsieh Yin Chow Hsieh
Dean [Unknown] Dean [Unknown]
R. M. Hersey R. M. Hersey
Grover C. Hardin Grover C. Hardin
Shiro Ishii Shiro Ishii
James Edward Millis James Edward Millis
Tu Sin Hu Tu Sin Hu
Motoo Yasui Motoo Yasui
[Unknown] Stoller [Unknown] Stoller
Chikara Tsujita Chikara Tsujita
Fu Pao Chen Fu Pao Chen
Samuel J. Prichard Samuel J. Prichard
I. Sakamoto I. Sakamoto
Theodore Schnell Theodore Schnell
Kazue Kuwashima Kazue Kuwashima
Wei Ching Fang Wei Ching Fang
Masatoshi Matsushita Masatoshi Matsushita
Gara H. Magliano Gara H. Magliano
Serge N. Benson Serge N. Benson
Itsuro Hayashi Itsuro Hayashi
Toiichi Suzuki Toiichi Suzuki
Kenji Dohihara Kenji Dohihara
William C. Dixon William C. Dixon
Charles Haynes Charles Haynes
Foye Haynes Foye Haynes
Ryomei Kasagi Ryomei Kasagi
Tamotsu Tom Yonehara Tamotsu Tom Yonehara
Junzo Kosaka Junzo Kosaka
W.G. Clayton W. G. Clayton
M. Tanaka M. Tanaka
Eiichi Nishizawa Eiichi Nishizawa
Robert M. Vote Robert M. Vote
T. G. T. G.
Yoshiyasu Daigo Yoshiyasu Daigo
Doris L. Crandell Doris L. Crandell
Reisuke Matsuda Reisuke Matsuda
H. K. Hedayat H. K. Hedayat
Shumei Okawa Shumei Okawa
Jean Y. Sano Jean Y. Sano
Valentine C. Hammack Valentine C. Hammack
Kotāro Imai Kotāro Imai
Wu Shih Wu Shih
Naomichi Kami Naomichi Kami
A. A. Mercier A A Mercier
[Unknown] von Raumer [Unknown] von Raumer
Clarence Edward Gauss Clarence Edward Gauss
Paul M. Gottfried Paul M. Gottfried
Risuke Suitsu Risuke Suitsu
Soemu Toyoda Soemu Toyoda
John B. Powell John B. Powell
W. Glanville Brown W. Glanville Brown
Kurt Sell Kurt Sell
Yao Hwa Liu Yao Hwa Liu
A. V. Kunin A V Kunin
Peter J. Lawless Peter J. Lawless
Shin Sakuma Shin Sakuma
J. McBrian J. McBrian
Toshio Okamoto Toshio Okamoto
Ki Kimura Ki Kimura
William Kaw William Kaw
Mitoichi Sadayasu Mitoichi Sadayasu
Nishi Haruhiko Nishi Haruhiko
Frank L. Kluckhorn Frank L. Kluckhorn
S. Ugawa S. Ugawa
Teddy Dunn Teddy Dunn
Kaneo Ishibashi Kaneo Ishibashi
Wang Erh Tang Wang Erh Tang
Mary P. Smith Mary P. Smith
C. A. Reinhard C A Reinhard
Rokuzo Takebe Rokuzo Takebe
Tadao Sasayama Tadao Sasayama
Liu Peh-yuan Liu Peh-yuan
Yukio Oazaki Yukio Oazaki
Arnold C. Brackman Arnold C. Brackman
Eugene Staley Eugene Staley
Roy Roberts Roy Roberts
Henry Pu-Yi Henry Pu-Yi
Takashi Sakai Takashi Sakai
Zung Ta-Chin Zung Ta-Chin
Bak Yul Bak Yul
Edward Jordan Dimock Edward Jordan Dimock
Robert Houghwout Jackson Robert Houghwout Jackson
Harold Nathan Harold Nathan
Suganuma Eiji Suganuma Eiji
Yin Meng Yin Meng
Alexander A. Muzzey Alexander A. Muzzey
Guido Pignatelli Guido Pignatelli
Shohei Sammonji Shohei Sammonji
James Francis Byrnes James Francis Byrnes
Tu Ying-Kuang Tu Ying-Kuang
Wong Chen Sze Wong Chen Sze
Mura Hanifu Mura Hanifu
Chin Tao Li Chin Tao Li
Fujiko Homma Fujiko Homma
Ian Yōnosuke Mutsu Ian Yōnosuke Mutsu
Thomas A. Kelly Thomas A. Kelly
Kazuo Asami Kazuo Asami
Wei Liso Shih Wei Liso Shih
Ch-un Ju Liu Ch-un Ju Liu
Clarence H. Corkran Clarence H. Corkran
Paul M. Lynch Paul M. Lynch
Gardner C. Carpenter Gardner C. Carpenter
Tokisaburo Shiohara Tokisaburo Shiohara
William C. Prout William C. Prout
Michiko Shirato Michiko Shirato
Frances E. Casey Frances E. Casey
Hideko Tojo Kido Hideko Tojo Kido
Tamura Hioshi Tamura Hioshi
Jyuro Uemura Jyuro Uemura
Walter Estes Walter Estes
Malcolm [Unknown] Malcolm [Unknown]
[unknown] Davis [unknown] Davis
Bernhardt Eversmyer Bernhardt Eversmyer
Eiji Okano Eiji Okano
Robert Murphy Robert Murphy
Heinrich Himmler Heinrich Himmler
T. Hiro Shita T. Hiro Shita
John J. McCloy John J. McCloy
Leslie Nakashima Leslie Nakashima
Alwyn V. Freeman Alwyn V Freeman
Richard A. Olbeter Richard A. Olbeter
H. Kato H. Kato
Shunhsi Hsu Shunhsi Hsu
Jennie [Unknown] Jennie [Unknown]
Wu Tsung-Yen Wu Tsung-Yen
[Unknown] von Strachwitz [Unknown] von Strachwitz
Earnest Hoberecht Earnest Hoberecht
Ritoko Toyoda Ritoko Toyoda
Sokichi Ishiguro Sokichi Ishiguro
John Beaufort John Beaufort
W. H. Fippin W. H. Fippin
Kwang Yu Chen Kwang Yu Chen
Yao Tsong Wu Yao Tsong Wu
Daphne Spratt Daphne Spratt
Peter Kalischer Peter Kalischer
Shinaji Kobayashi Shinaji Kobayashi
Mitsuaki Kakehi Mitsuaki Kakehi
Chester C. Courtney Chester C. Courtney
Nobufumi Ito Nobufumi Ito
Frank Parsons Frank Parsons
Hsueh-Yi Wu Hsueh-Yi Wu
Teh Shan Liu Teh Shan Liu
Kaoru Hayashi Kaoru Hayashi
Wang Ken Chou Wang Ken Chou
Mary Yokoi Mary Yokoi
C. Hawkins C. Hawkins
Erna E. Warkentin Erna E. Warkentin
Tadao Wikawa Tadao Wikawa
John W. Coleman John W. Coleman
Lloyd Lambert Lloyd Lambert
Yumi Goto Yumi Goto
Arnold Nestel Arnold Nestel
Chang Tai-yuan Chang Tai-yuan
Evelina K. Southworth Evelina K. Southworth
Royal J. Untreiner Royal J. Untreiner
Henry R. Sackett Henry R. Sackett
M. C. Gregory M. C. Gregory
Ben Dorfman Ben Dorfman
Edward O. Poole Edward O. Poole
Robert J. Gill Robert J. Gill
Harold S. DeMeritt Harold S. DeMeritt
Sumihisa Ikada Sumihisa Ikada
John F. Richter John F. Richter
Lai Sun Chang Lai Sun Chang
Ying Tsai Ho Ying Tsai Ho
Denis Kildoyle Denis Kildoyle
R. Yoshikawa R. Yoshikawa
Gumper Shimojima Gumper Shimojima
Shoichi Okamoto Shoichi Okamoto
James G. Lambert James G. Lambert
U. N. Osinovsky U. N. Osinovsky
Kiyoshi Ota Kiyoshi Ota
Wong Chung Fu Wong Chung Fu
Murray C. Rernays Murray C. Rernays
Chin-Hua Hsieh Chin-Hua Hsieh
Oskar Trautmann Oskar Trautmann
Fumihiko Tōgō Fumihiko Tōgō
Sankichi Takahashi Sankichi Takahashi
Thomas Arthur Bisson Thomas Arthur Bisson
Kazuo Nakano Kazuo Nakano
Wei Ming Hsieh Wei Ming Hsieh
[unknown] Laverage [unknown] Laverage
Clarence [Unknown] Clarence [Unknown]
Gardner M. Youngman Gardner M. Youngman
Shao Chang Sih Shao Chang Sih
Tokutaro Otani Tokutaro Otani
Kenji Fujiwara Kenji Fujiwara
Frances Sutton Frances Sutton
Ryūnosuke Gotō Ryūnosuke Gotō
Hidenari Terasaki Hidenari Terasaki
Tamura Nobusada Tamura Nobusada
K. Hayahsi K. Hayahsi
Walter Fischer Walter Fischer
Bernice Orr Bernice Orr
Eimei Kato Eimei Kato
T. Iwamoto T. Iwamoto
John J. O'Keefe John J. O'Keefe
Lester C. Dunigan Lester C. Dunigan
Young Chao Shung Young Chao Shung
Americo Parades Americo Parades
Douglas L. Waldorf Douglas L. Waldorf
Shunichi Matsumoto Shunichi Matsumoto
Wu Yung Feng Wu Yung Feng
A. Briggs A. Briggs
Edgar Snow Edgar Snow
Robert A. Duncan Robert A. Duncan
Hans Georg von Mackensen Hans Georg von Ma
Sokichi Takagi Sokichi Takagi
John C. Russell John C. Russell
W. H. Jarvis W. H. Jarvis
Kwang-Tsai Young Kwang-Tsai Young
Yasotaro Morri Yasotaro Morri
Ai-Sin-Cho-Lo Pu Yi Ai-Sin-Cho-Lo Pu Yi
Dave Hoshimiye Dave Hoshimiye
Philip Kapleau Philip Kapleau
Shinichi Kondo Shinichi Kondo
Kiichiro Haranuma Kiichiro Haranuma
[Unknown] Shimada [Unknown] Shimada
Chi Pang Chang Chi Pang Chang
Nobuo Ando Nobuo Ando
Saburō Kurusu Saburō Kurusu
Huan Chang Liu Huan Chang Liu
Teh Tsun Ching Teh Tsun Ching
Wang Len Chai Wang Len Chai
Masaichi Kinoshita Masaichi Kinoshita
[Unknown] Gottfried [Unknown] Gottfried
Tadao Yokoi Tadao Yokoi
Loren Johnson Loren Johnson
Yung Fong Yang Yung Fong Yang
Chang-Teh Wu Chang-Teh Wu
F. H. Shelledy F. H. Shelledy
Russell Brines Russell Brines
Henry Shimojima Henry Shimojima
Takayoshi Jodai Takayoshi Jodai
Josiah William Bailey Josiah William Bailey
M. D. Orr M. D. Orr
Ben Oshita Ben Oshita
Robert K. McConnaughey Robert K. McConnaughey
Harry Lambeth Harry Lambeth
Summer Welles Summer Welles
Ying-Kuang Tu Ying-Kuang Tu
Gun Hanishina Gun Hanishina
Shoichi Shimamoto Shoichi Shimamoto
James H. McCallum James H. McCallum
U. Noda U. Noda
Kiyosi Ito Kiyosi Ito
Wong Kiang Sze Wong Kiang Sze
Ching-Chung Kung Ching-Chung Kung
Otogoro Ishida Otogoro Ishida
Sasaburo Uemura Sasaburo Uemura
Ichirō Hatoyama Ichirō Hatoyama
Thomas B. Gay Thomas B. Gay
Kazuo Yatsugi Kazuo Yatsugi
Wei-Hsia Cheng Wei-Hsia Cheng
Mason Thomas Mason Thomas
Louise Borton 1st Lt. Louise Borton
Herbert Posin 1st Lt. Herbert Posin
Ralph J. Palmer 1st Lt. Ralph J. Palmer
William G. Schweikert 1st Lt. William G. Schweikert
Frank E. Kennamer, Jr. 1st Lt. Frank E. Kennamer Jr.
Richard O. Baird 1st Lt. Richard O. Baird
Bernard A. Hargadon 1st Lt. Bernard A. Hargadon
R. H. Gilliland 1st Lt. R. H. Gilliland
Hayden C. Hayden 1st Lt. Hayden C. Hayden
Samuel E. Healey 1st Lt. Samuel E. Healey
Charles J. Hughes 1st Lt. Charles J. Hughes
John Flanigan 1st Lt. John Flanigan
[unknown] Person 2nd Lt. [unknown] Person
Robert Stewart Teaze 2nd Lt. Robert Stewart Teaze
Joseph B. Alexander 2nd Lt. Joseph B. Alexander
Thomas Wilds 2nd Lt. Thomas Wilds
John A. Curtis 2nd Lt. John A. Curtis
Eric W. Fleisher 2nd Lt. Eric W. Fleisher
[unknown] Stewart 2nd Lt. [unknown] Stewart
[unknown] Kobayashi 2nd Lt. [unknown] Kobayashi
Herman H. Blumhagen 2nd Lt. Herman H. Blumhagen
George Shryer 2nd Lt. George Shryer
[unknown] Goldstein 2nd Lt. [unknown] Goldstein
[unknown] Suzakawa 2nd Lt. [unknown] Suzakawa
Mitsuma Yonai Adm. Mitsuma Yonai
François Darlan Adm. François Darlan
James Otto Richardson Adm. James Otto Richardson
Shigetarō Shimada Adm. Shigetarō Shimada
Koshirō Oikawa Adm. Koshirō Oikawa
Osami Nagano Adm. Osami Nagano
Takasumi Oka Adm. Takasumi Oka
William Daniel Leahy Adm. William Daniel Leahy
Karl Doenitz Adm. Karl Dönitz
Eugen Ott Ambassador Eugen Ott
Jay Pierrapont Moffat Ambassador Jay Pierrapont Moffat
Joseph Clark Grew Ambassador Joseph Clark Grew
Zenbei Horikiri Ambassador Zenbei Horikiri
Heinrich Georg Stahmer Ambassador Heinrich Georg Stahmer
Toshio Shiratori Ambassador Toshio Shiratori
Kichisaburō Nomura Ambassador Kichisaburō Nomura
Masayuki Tani Ambassador Masayuki Tani
Kiichirō Hiranuma Baron Kiichirō Hiranuma
Sadao Araki Baron Sadao Araki
Kijūrō Shidehara Baron Kijūrō Shidehara
Johann von Plessen Baron Johann von Plessen
Kōki Hirota Baron Kōki Hirota
Ronald Henry Quilliam Brig. Ronald Henry Quilliam
Quilliam Liebert Brig. Quilliam Liebert
Henry Grattan Nolan Brig. Henry Grattan Nolan
Charles Andrew Willoughby Brig. Gen. Charles Andrew Willoughby
Burdette Mase Fitch Brig. Gen. Burdette Mase Fitch
Frank T. Farrell Capt. Frank T. Farrell
James J. Robinson Capt. James J. Robinson
Harryman Dorsey Capt. Harryman Dorsey
Calhoun W. J. Phelps Capt. Calhoun W. J. Phelps
John H. Holstedt Capt. John H. Holstedt
Liang Ting-Fang Capt. Liang Ting-Fang
T. D. White Capt. T. D. White
Donald R. Barber Capt. Donald R. Barber
Roger W. Barrett Capt. Rogert W. Barrett
Luke Lea Capt. Luke Lea Jr.
M. St. C. Frehn Capt. M. St. C. Frehn
D. S. van Meter Capt. D. S. van Meter
George Plotkin Capt. George Plotkin
Lindsay Williamson Capt. Lindsay Williamson
Edward J. Murphy Capt. Edward J. Murphy Jr.
George S. Kurland Capt. George S. Kurland
Hsiun-Yuan Wang Capt. Hsiun-Yuan Wang
[Unknown] Nikitin Capt. [Unknown] Nikitin
William L. Woodruff, Jr. Capt. William L. Woodruff Jr.
[Unknown] Seveitzer Capt. [Unknown] Seveitzer
J. R. Pritchard Capt. J. R. Pritchard
Roland J. Schwartz Capt. Roland J. Schwartz
[Unknown] Lay Capt. [Unknown] Lay
H. M. Hart Cmdr. H. M. Hart
Karl-Jesko von Puttkamer Cmdr. Karl-Jesko Otto Robert von Puttkamer
Charles T. Cole Cmdr. Charles T. Cole
Yale C. Maxon Cmdr. Yale C. Maxon
Bentley M. McMullin Cmdr. Bentley M. McMullin
J. O. Collins Cmdr. J. O. Collins
Michinori Yoshii Cmdr. Michinori Yoshii
Denzel R. Carr Cmdr. Denzel R. Carr
Lev N. Smirnov Col. Lev N. Smirnov
Thomas H. Morrow Col. Thomas H. Morrow
L. A. Diller Col. L. A. Diller
[Unknown] Martyanov Col. [Unknown] Martyanov
[unknown] Baldwin Col. [unknown] Baldwin
Gilbert S. Woolworth Col. Gilbert S. Woolworth
[unknown] Pokrovsky Col. [unknown] Pokrovsky
Aubrey Lee Brooks Col. Aubrey Lee Brooks
Kingorō Hashimoto Col. Kingorō Hashimoto
Etsuo Nakatani Col. Etsuo Nakatani
E. H. Dunn Young Col. E. H. Dunn Young
Rowland Wells Fixel Col. Rowland Wells Fixel
[Unknown] Munson Col. [Unknown] Munson
[Unknown] Bullock Col. [Unknown] Bullock
H. B. D. Eastwood Col. H. B. D. Eastwood
[Unknown] Connor Col. [Unknown] Connor
V. Walbridge Col. V. Walbridge
[Unknown] Tsigichko Col. [Unknown] Tsigichko
[Unknown] Rosenblit Col. [Unknown] Rosenblit
Carter W. Clarke Col. Carter W. Clarke
[Unknown] Coursey Col. [Unknown] Coursey
Leonard Wheeler, Jr. Col. Leonard Wheeler Jr.
Cecil F. Hubbert Col. Cecil F. Hubbert
Alva C. Carpenter Col. Alva C. Carpenter
Cheng-Ying Kiang Col. Cheng-Ying Kiang
Delfin Jaranilla Col. Delfin Jaranilla
R. M. Levy Col. R. M. Levy
[Unknown] Kudriavtsev Col. [Unknown] Kudriavtsev
Vern Walbridge Col. Vern Walbridge
Abe McGregor Goff Col. Abe McGregor Goff
Paul Niemoeller Col. Paul Niemoeller
[Unknown] Andriantsei Col. [Unknown] Andriantsei
Alexander T. Ivanov Col. Alexander T. Ivanov
[Unknown] Horiuchi Councillor [Unknown] Horiuchi
Wolfgang von Gronau Count Wolfgang von Gronau
Ladislaus von Mirbach-Geldern Count Ladislaus von Mirbach-Geldern
Paul Otto Schallert Dr. Paul Otto Schallert
Hans Stampfel Dr. Hans Stampfel
[unknown] Babel Dr. [unknown] Babel
Robert Kho-Seng Lim Dr. Robert Kho-Seng Lim
Paul Otto Schmidt Dr. Paul Otto Schmidt
Hans Thomsen Dr. Hans Thomsen
Somei Uzawa Dr. Somei Uzawa
Ernst von Woermann Dr. Ernst von Woermann
Herbert Gross Dr. Herbert Gross
[unknown] Thomas Dr. [unknown] Thomas
Walter Stunzi Dr. Walter Stunzi
[unknown] Soekarno Dr. [unknown] Soekarno
Ernst W. Tannenberg Dr. Ernst W. Tannenberg
M. Hatta Dr. M. Hatta
[Unknown] Bidder Dr. [Unknown] Bidder
[Unknown] Fell Dr. [Unknown] Fell
Seiitiro Ono Dr. Seiitiro Ono
Ichirō Kiyose Dr. Ichirō Kiyose
[unknown] Starmer Dr. [unknown] Starmer
Robert Ellsworth Brown Dr. Robert Ellsworth Brown
Eugen Schnell Dr. Eugen Schnell
[Unknown] Tsumin-Yee Dr. [Unknown] Tsumin-Yee
Erich Boltze Dr. Erich Boltze
[unknown] Nelte Dr. [unknown] Nelte
Hans Borchers Dr. Hans Borchers
Daniel S. Ao Dr. Daniel S. Ao
Masayoshi Kanzaki Dr. Masayoshi Kanzaki
Hans Eckardt Dr. Hans Eckardt
Joseph W. Ballantine Dr. Joseph W. Ballantine
Charles J. Smith Dr. Charles J. Smith
[unknown] Dix Dr. [unknown] Dix
Robert O. Wilson Dr. Robert O. Wilson
H. Kerr Taylor Dr. H. Kerr Taylor
[Unknown] Sze Dr. [Unknown] Sze
Stanley Baldwin, Earl Baldwin of Bewdley Earl Stanley Baldwin, of Bewdley
Shunroku Hata Field Marshal Shunroku Hata
Wilhelm Keitel Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel
Shigenori Tōgō Foreign Minister Shigenori Tōgō
Joachim von Ribbentrop Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop
Hachirō Arita Foreign Minister Hachirō Arita
Oshima Matsuoka Foreign Minister Oshima Matsuoka
Yosuke Matsuoka Foreign Minister Yosuke Matsuoka
Ivan Popoff Foreign Minister Ivan Popoff
Mamoru Shigemitsu Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu
Iwane Matsui Gen. Iwane Matsui
Hideo Iwakuro Gen. Hideo Iwakuro
Amos Walter Wright Woodcock Gen. Amos Walter Wright Woodcock
Jinzaburō Masaki Gen. Jinzaburō Masaki
Akira Mutō Gen. Akira Mutō
Nobuyuki Abe Gen. Nobuyuki Abe
Teiichi Suzuki Gen. Teiichi Suzuki
Koichiro Matsuura Gen. Koichiro Matsuura
Hiroshi Ōshima Gen. Hiroshi Ōshima
Jirō Minami Gen. Jirō Minami
Kenryō Satō Gen. Kenryō Satō
Alfred Jodl Gen. Alfred Jodl
Kuniaki Koiso Gen. Kuniaki Koiso
Yoshijiro Umezu Gen. Yoshijiro Umezu
Efisio Luigi Marras Gen. Efisio Luigi Marras
Seishirō Itagaki Gen. Seishirō Itagaki
Ta-Chun Chien Gen. Ta-Chun Chien
[unknown] Rudenko Gen. [unknown] Rudenko
Hideki Tōjō Gen. Hideki Tōjō
Sergie Alexandrovich Golunsky Gen. Sergie Alexandrovich Golunsky
Kenji Doihara Gen. Kenji Doihara
Ryūkichi Tanaka Gen. Ryūkichi Tanaka
Douglas A. MacArthur Gen. Douglas A. MacArthur
Heitarō Kimura Gen. Heitarō Kimura
Francisco de Amat Hon. Francisco de Amat
Harley Martin Kilgore Hon. Harley Martin Kilgore
E. Earl Rives Judge E. Earl Rives
Judson T. Y. Nyi Judge Judson T. Y. Nyi
Che-Chun Hsiang Judge Che-Chun Hsiang
[unknown] Nye Judge [unknown] Nye
Edward Stuart McDougall Justice Edward Stuart McDougall
Henri Bernard Justice Henri Bernard
John Patrick Higgins Justice John Patrick Higgins
[unknown] Murphy Justice [unknown] Murphy
[unknown] Rutledge Justice [unknown] Rutledge
Erima Harvey Northcroft Justice Erima Harvey Northcroft
[unknown] Stone Justice [unknown] Stone
Radhabinod Pal Justice Radhabinod Pal
William Donald Patrick Lord William Donald Patrick
Gunnar E. Ohberg Lt. Gunnar E. Ohberg
Edmund Sweeney Lt. Edmund Sweeney
Robert M. Boyd Lt. Robert M. Boyd
Penrod Vance Deane Lt. Penrod Vance Deane
Kurt L. Steiner Lt. Kurt L. Steiner
George N. Reinhardt Lt. George N. Reinhardt
Raleigh Ernest Rhodes Lt. Cmdr. Raleigh Ernest Rhodes
Robert L. Guill Lt. Cmdr. Robert L. Guill
[Unknown] Pfeiffer Lt. Cmdr. [Unknown] Pfeiffer
John D. Shea Lt. Cmdr. John D. Shea
Robert P. McQuail Lt. Col. Robert P. McQuail
J. S. Sinninghe Damste Lt. Col. J. S. Sinninghe Damste
William T. Hornaday Lt. Col. William T. Hornaday
G. H. Garde Lt. Col. G. H. Garde
Franklin E. N. Warren Lt. Col. Franklin E. N. Warren
G. I. Taranenko Lt. Col. G. I. Taranenko
A. J. Montgomery Lt. Col. A. J. Montgomery
John Munslow Williams Lt. Col. John Munslow Williams
J. H. Lowell Lt. Col. J. H. Lowell
Theodore Goulsby Lt. Col. Theodore Goulsby
Roy Glisson, Jr. Lt. Col. Roy Glisson Jr.
B. Edwin Sackett Lt. Col. B. Edwin Sackett
Fritz von Petersdorf Lt. Col. Fritz von Petersdorf
T. F. Mornane Lt. Col. T. F. Mornane
John W. Brabner-Smith Lt. Col. John W. Brabner-Smith
Richard E. Rudisill Lt. Col. Richard E. Rudisill
Jeremiah J. O'Connor Lt. Col. Jeremiah J. O'Connor
Victor C. Swearingen Lt. Col. Victor C. Swearingen
George W. Hanley Lt. Col. George W. Hanley
C. Norman Coleman Lt. Col. C. Norman Coleman
Gun Hashimoto Lt.-Gen. Gun Hashimoto
Clovis Ethelbert Byers Lt.-Gen. Clovis Ethelbert Byers
K. N. Derevyanko Lt.-Gen. K. N. Derevyanko
Ennis Clement Whitehead Lt.-Gen. Ennis Clement Whitehead
Ichiro Banzai Lt.-Gen. Ichiro Banzai
Mitsuhiko Komatsu Lt.-Gen. Mitsuhiko Komatsu
A. C. Tisdelle Maj. A. C. Tisdelle
John D. Hill Maj. John D. Hill
Kenneth N. Parkinson Maj. Kenneth N. Parkinson
Benjamin Bruce Blakeney Maj. Benjamin Bruce Blakeney Jr.
George E. Schubert Maj. George E. Schubert
Frank Dow Merrill Maj. Frank Dow Merrill
Betty J. Wells Maj. Betty J. Wells
Roger Depo Maj. Roger Depo
Willard B. Cowles Maj. Willard B. Cowles
M. R. Belinky Maj. M. R. Belinky
Lennox Polk McLendon Maj. Lennox Polk McLendon
Theodore R. C. King Maj. Theodore R.C. King
John J. Henderson Maj. John J. Henderson
Leroy H. Barnard Maj. Leroy H. Barnard
M. A. Ross Maj. M. A. Ross
John F. Hummel Maj. John F. Hummel
A. A. Pashovsky Maj. A. A. Pashovsky
Alexander Ashton Maj. Alexander Ashton
[unknown] Walsh Maj. [unknown] Walsh
Ju-ao Mei Maj.-Gen. Ju-ao Mei
Richard Jaquelin Marshall Maj.-Gen. Richard Jaquelin Marshall
A. N. Vasiliev Maj.-Gen. A. N. Vasiliev
[Unknown] Gerasimov Maj.-Gen. [Unknown] Gerasimov
Paul John Mueller Maj.-Gen. Paul John Mueller
W. G. Frederick Borgerhoff-Mulder Maj.-Gen. W. G. Frederick Borgerhoff-Mulder
Kiyoshi Kawashima Maj.-Gen. Kiyoshi Kawashima
Ivan Michyevich Zaryanov Maj.-Gen. Ivan Michyevich Zaryanov
Myron Cady Cramer Maj.-Gen. Myron Cady Cramer
Kōichi Kido Marquis Kōichi Kido
Eleanor Jackson Miss Eleanor Jackson
Bettie Renner Miss Bettie Renner
Virginia Bowman Miss Virginia Bowman
[Unknown] Rissina Miss [Unknown] Rissina
Lucille C. Brunner Miss Lucille C. Brunner
Marjorie Nellie Culverwell Miss Marjorie Nellie Culverwell
[Unknown] Gildenblat Miss [Unknown] Gildenblat
George A. Furness Mr. George A. Furness
[unknown] Dodd Mr. [unknown] Dodd
Solis Horwitz Mr. Solis Horwitz
George Yamaoka Mr. George Yamaoka
Hugh Barnett Helm Mr. Hugh Barnett Helm
Edward P. Monaghan Mr. Edward P. Monaghan
John G. Brannon Mr. John G. Brannon
Lawrence P. McManus Mr. Lawrence P. McManus
[unknown] Dubost Mr. [unknown] Dubost
George Carrington Williams Mr. George Carrington Williams
David D. Barrett Mr. David D. Barrett
Robert L. Oneto Mr. Robert L. Oneto
James N. Freeman Mr. James N. Freeman
Owen Cunningham Mr. Owen Cunningham
David F. Smith Mr. David F. Smith
Pedro Lopez Mr. Pedro Lopez
George Francis Blewett Mr. George Francis Blewett
Roger F. Cole Mr. Roger F. Cole
David Nelson Sutton Mr. David Nelson Sutton
Jack Greenberg Mr. Jack Greenberg
Charles B. Caudle Mr. Charles B. Caudle
Floyd J. Mattice Mr. Floyd J. Mattice
Worth E. McKinney Mr. Worth E. McKinney
Parakulangara Govinda Menon Mr. Parakulangara Govinda Menon
G. Osmond Hyde Mr. G. Osmond Hyde
Joseph Berry Keenan Mr. Joseph Berry Keenan
Samuel Allen Roberts Mr. Samuel Allen Roberts
Carlisle Wallace Higgins Mr. Carlisle Wallace Higgins
Robert M. Donihi Mr. Robert M. Donihi
Alfred W. Brooks Mr. Alfred W. Brooks
D. P. Hornstein Mr. D. P. Hornstein
Henry Austin Hauxhurst Mr. Henry Austin Hauxhurst
Joseph C. Howard Mr. Joseph C. Howard
Roy L. Morgan Mr. Roy L. Morgan
A. T. Laverge Mr. A. T. Laverge
William J. McCormack Mr. William J. McCormack
Aristides G. Lazarus Mr. Aristides G. Lazarus
Alex Pashcovski Mr. Alex Pashcovski
Michael Levin Mr. Michael Levin
[Unknown] Cunningham Mr. [Unknown] Cunningham
E. Richard Harris Mr. E. Richard Harris
Joseph F. English Mr. Joseph F. English
Samuel Joseph Kleiman Mr. Samuel Joseph Kleiman
Arthur A. Sandusky Mr. Arthur A. Sandusky
Travers Christmas Humphreys Mr. Travers Christmas Humphreys
William Logan, Jr. Mr. William Logan Jr.
Frank Stacy Tavenner Mr. Frank Stacy Tavenner Jr.
Ernest E. Danly Mr. Ernest E. Danly
John W. Fihelly Mr. John W. Fihelly
Edward P. McDermott Mr. Edward P. McDermott
Lawrence J. McManus Mr. Lawrence J. McManus
[Unknown] White Mrs. [Unknown] White
Cleng Kia Sze Mrs. Cleng Kia Sze
Helen Grigware Lambert Mrs. Helen Grigware Lambert
[Unknown] Yamada Mrs. [Unknown] Yamada
Gwen Harold Terasaki Mrs. Gwen Harold Terasaki
Grace Kanode Llewelyn Mrs. Grace Kanode Llewelyn
Alice R. Burke Mrs. Alice R. Burke
S. V. Bronstein Mrs. S. V. Bronstein
Shigeru Yoshida Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida
Fumimaro Konoye Prince Fumimaro Konoye
Lewis Strong Casey Smythe Prof. Lewis Strong Casey Smythe
Chuan-Ying Hsu Prof. Chuan-ying Hsu
Shūmei Ōkawa Prof. Shūmei Ōkawa
Kisaburō Yokota Prof. Kisaburō Yokota
[unknown] Kraus Prof. [unknown] Kraus
Bernard Victor Aloysius Röling Prof. Bernard Victor Aloysius Röling
Kotaro Tanaka Prof. Kotaro Tanaka
Beverly M. Coleman Rear Adm. Beverly M. Coleman
L. B. Gibbs Rev. L. B. Gibbs
Alexander Wiley Senator Alexander Wiley
Dick Harn Sgt. Dick Harn
[unknown] Stewart Sgt. [unknown] Stewart
Roland A. Martone Sgt. Roland A. Martone
Arthur Strettell Comyns Carr Sir Arthur Strettell Comyns Carr
Alan J. Mansfield Sir Alan J. Mansfield
William Flood Webb Sir William Flood Webb
Albert Ernest Coates Sir Albert Ernest Coates
Naokuni Nomura Vice Adm. Naokuni Nomura
[Unknown] Amau Vice Adm. [Unknown] Amau
Kintomo Mushanokōji Viscount Kintomo Mushanokōji