The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, U.Va.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

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Japanese-Seated Puppet Emperor of Manchuria Will Testify at Trials News Article

Reports that the Soviet Union will bring Henry Pu Yi, former Manchurian puppet leader, to Tokyo in order to testify at the war crimes trial. Also reports on the testimony given by retired Japanese General Hayao Tada regarding military operations in China, including the capture of Shanghai. Other witnesses discussed (with descriptions of their testimony) include: Liang Ting-fang (a member of the Chinese army medical corps at Nanking during occupation) and Col. David D. Barrett (United States military attache who witnessed the Marco Polo Bridge incident).

Grim Account of 'Rape of Nanking' Told Court News Article

Reports on the testimony given by Dr. Hsu Chuan-ying, a Nanking resident, during the 'Rape of Nanking' and subsequent occupation by the Japanese military. Describes the mutilation of women, the burning of homes, and the mass killing of Chinese citizens. David N. Sutton was the prosecutor who questioned him on the stand. Chuan-ying defends the "Chinese Red Swastika Society," where he served as vice-chairman, as a "philanthropic organization." Two other short news wire pieces report on "Chinese Said Grateful for Presence of GI's" and "Terauchi's Remains Due Here."

Dr. Wilson Relates Six Weeks of Orgy After Entry Into Nanking News Article

Goes into great detail on the witness testimony from Dr. Robert O. Wilson, a former Nanking surgeon, regarding the 'Rape of Nanking' and subsequent occupation of the area by the Japanese military. Graphic descriptions of atrocities perpetrated on women as well as the recounting of mass executions that Wilson witnessed.

Umezu Seeks Five Vital Witnesses News Article

Reports that Japanese General Yoshijiro Umezu has requested five witnesses to testify on his behalf before the tribunal (three of whom are believed to be held by the Russians). They include: Japanese Lt. Gen. Hikozaburo Hata, Maj. Gen. Tomokatsu Matsumura, Lt. Gen. Shojiro Iida, Maj. Gen. Moichiro Yamamoto, and Lt. Gen. Yukio Kasahara. According to the article, "the defense plans to use these five witnesses to prove that Umezu, in his post as Commander-in-Chief of the Kwantung Army and in other offices, took no part in any of the conspiracies alleged in the indictment, and was not responsible for the planning, initiating or waging of wars of aggression." Brief section at the end of the article reports that Joseph B. Keenan expects to leave Washington, D. C. on July 16 for Tokyo.

Minutes of Sixteenth Meeting of Evidence and Defendants Committee

Topics include: checking list of documents prior to introducing them into evidence to ensure no duplicates occur; not using affidavits for English-speaking witnesses; and close readings of affidavits to ensure they include facts and not merely conclusions.


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