The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, U.Va.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

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Tokyo Tribunal Likely to be Resumed Monday News Article

Reports on the newly installed air conditioning equipment at the IMTFE courtroom that will hopefully allow the trial to resume on the following Monday. Also reports that the tribunal has agreed to Umezu's request to "have five key witnesses, three of whom are believed to be in Russian hands, brought to Tokyo to testify in his defense." However, the article points out that there is no structure in place to secure witnesses in Russian territory.
1946CE Jul 19th

Nippon Times - August 8, 1946

Nippon Times, No. 17,023 from Thursday, August 8, 1946. On front page are two articles relating to the tribunal: 1. "Pu Yi Expected in Tokyo to Testify at War Trials Under Russian Custody"and 2. "Japanese Forces Said Unprepared for China Affair; Prosecution Witness Testified Pacific War Plans Were Not in Existence in 1938." Other articles in the newspaper report on international affairs.
1946CE Aug 8th

War Crime Witnesses Give Lawyers Bad Time News Article

Reports that Japanese witnesses, especially civilian ones, tend to lie on the stand or change their stories multiple times to investigators at the Yokohama trial. Capt. George A. Grier (prosecutor) and Capt. George A. Grier (defense section) relate their troubling experiences and express opinions as to the motives for the witnesses' actions.

Phelps' Miscellaneous Data Folder

Contains multiple memoranda regarding witness testimony before the tribunal, important dates in Japanese history, various Japanese Cabinet's and their structure; and brief summaries of Japanese treaty violations.


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