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Jap Ex-Consul at Mukden is Heard at Trial News Article

Reports on the testimony of Morito Morishima, former assistant Japanese counsel general at Mukden, at the Tokyo war crimes trial regarding the Kwantung army's actions in Manchuria. Also reports that Yosuchi Kimura, former civilian guard at the Omori POW camp was sentenced to five years of hard labor.

Ex-GI's Won't Testify So Jap Criminals Go Free News Article

Reports on the assertion by Col. D. M. Dunn, acting chief of the war crimes branch of the war department's civil affairs division, that accused Japanese war criminals are "being acquitted or are escaping with light sentences because American former servicemen are reluctant to cross the Pacific to testify at the trials."

Former Tribune Writer Tells of Manchuria Plot News Article

Reports on the testimony of J. B. Powell, a former American reporter for the Chicago Tribune, who related to the war crimes court at Tokyo his experiences in Manchuria following the Mukden incident. Indicates that the defense objections to his testimony were so strong that Sir William Webb warned that if Maj. George Furness continued his defense strategy, "we won't allow you to say another word."

4 Days to Go, Japs Wait for U. S. Defense Aid News Article

Reports that the Japanese war criminal suspects to stand trial before the IMTFE are still awaiting their U. S. defense counsel to help their Japanese attorneys and that there are only four days remaining before the scheduled indictment. Another news wire piece reports that J. C. B. Ehringhaus, former governor of North Carolina, refused to serve as the chief American defense counsel for the Japanese.

26 Top Japs, Including Tojo, Face Court Friday News Article

Reports that the 26 Japanese defendants at the IMTFE would enter their pleas on Friday and were "expected to plead innocent and to challenge the international tribunal's jurisdiction." Outlines the procedure for travel from Sugamo prison to the War Ministry building for the tribunal, Keenan's planned response to the defense's challenge regarding the validity of the trial, and the general set-up of the courtroom.

Tojo May Argue Rights of Court News Article

Reports on the potential defense move to challenge the validity of the Tokyo tribunal's jurisdiction and it's legality after Sir William Webb indicated that that line of reasoning would be permitted. Also relates continued outbursts in court by defendant Shumei Okawa as well as the reading of the full indictment and subsequent adjournment.

Charges Homma Ordered Filipino Jurist Killed News Article

Reports on the testimony of Salvador Abad Santos to a military commission in Manila regarding the signing of a death warrant for former Philippines Supreme court chief justice Jose Abad Santos by Gen. Masaharu Homma. Other topics reported on include: testimony at the Tokyo war crimes trial on orders to Japanese guards to kill Allied POWs "in event of allied amphibious or skyborne landings in Japan," affidavits presented in court relating atrocities, and witness testimony regarding the beatings meted out by Japanese military men in prison camps.

Tojo Claims Japan Fought 'War of Self Protection' News Article

Reports on Hideki Tojo's assertion from prison that "Japan fought 'a war of self protection'" and that "he would face the international war crimes tribunal with no remorse." Article gives an overview of the full statement he released from prison through his Japanese attorney, Ichiro Kiyose.


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