Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records, Box 4, Folder 4

General Reports and Memoranda from September 1947

Laws of War. Treatment of bandits, irregulars and Guerillas
Assignment of Accused Memo April 18, 1947
Privy Council Records, Suggestion re scanning of
Statistical Data for past week
Response to Keenan
Japan's attempts to bring about peace with China
Pignatelli's work
'Incidents' in the China Phase
Japanese counsel April 21, 1947
Suggestion to Summarize Prosecution Evidence as to Subject Matters on Which Defense Witnesses will likely Testify
Status of Affidavits
'The Statement to the Emperor in his Presence on February 14, 1945 by Prince Konoye'
Unindicted Major War Crimes Suspects
Brocade Banner
Laws of War. Treatment of Bandits, Irregulars and Guerillas
Prosecution Document No. 2482 for Purpose of Cross-examination
Cross-Examination in Manchurian Phase
Laws of War - Treatment of Bandits, Irregulars, and Guerillas
Repatriation of German Nationals
The Panay and Ladybird Incidents
Status of Affidavits
Order List, Sub-div. Two, China Phase Documents Not Served
Case Files - Room 386
Keenan Illness
Curriculum Vitae - KAWABE, Torashiro
KOISO's Informal Statements, Sept. 1932
list of 10 Affidavits April 1, 1947
Brocade Banner
SHIBAYAMA, Kaneshiro , Transcript of Interrogation
Production of Colonel David D. Barrett for Cross-Examination
Memorandum OKAWA April 15, 1947
Brocade Banner Memo April 15, 1947
List of American and Japanese counsel
Witness NISHIO
Document by MURANAKA, Koji
Recordings of Speeches by Japanese Government Leaders (1941 - 1944)
Room Number Change
Document No. 2927
ARITA radio speech assignment
Summary of Progress Report Regarding Witnesses, Submitted 3 April 1947
Assignments, Effective Today
Work of Pignatelli
Report on KAWABE, Torashiro
Report on Unintroduced Evidence -- China Phase
Witness NISHIO
Assignment of Accused
Order with Reference to OKAWA, Shumei
KAWABE, Torashiro
Documents for Cross-Examination in China phase
Memorandum on Hashimoto - Brocade Banner April 15, 1947
Laws or War - Treatment of Bandits, Irregulars, and Guerillas
Introduction of Shinto Religion in Manchuria
Miss Warkentin
Keenan's Illness
Assignment of Accused Memo April 16, 1947
Notes on KAWABE, Torashiro
Predictions for Keenan
Introduction of Shinto Religion in Manchuria
Memorandum for Japanese Government
Laws of War. The Treatment of bandits, irregulars and Guerillas
ARITA Radio Speech
Comprehensive Report including Status of Keenan
KAWABE, Torashiro - Witness for DOHIHARA, Kenji
Certification of Documents Nos. 1098, 1119, 1096 and 1093
Suggestion re your study of important Privy Council and other meetings
Trial Updates for Keenan
ARITA's Radio Speech on 29 June 1940
The Panay and Ladybird Incidents
Updates with Lea
The New Regime in China Memo
Military Service of KAWABE, Torashiro
Assignment of Accused
References to Defendants in Prosecution's Evidence
Affidavits served today
Re Secret Funds Investigation Complaint Registered by Defense Counsel
Keenan Updates and Pignatelli
Utilization of Documents in IPS Files
American Consul General in Mukden reports
Request, KAWABE, Torashiro
Japanese Counsel
The PANAY and LADYBIRD Incidents
Document by MURANAKA, Koji
McKenzie's Economic Aggression Report
Strengthen Files Unit
Cross-examination of OKAWA
Steiner assignment on ARITA's radio speech
OKAWA as a witness Memo April 15, 1947
Document by MURANAKA
China Phase -- Incidents